4 cam sex Lena did not answer, but, bending down, continued to tinker with her laundry.
“Give me a handkerchief,” she asked when I got closer, “I’ll buy a new one for you.”
– What for? – And then you can not guess, – Lenka squealed, – I pissing myself! Well at least the shoes are not flooded.
Hold the raincoat while I’m going to take off the wet.

– Wait, – I stopped Lena, – You will fall again, right in the shit.
– Sitting down in front of the girl, I just ripped the thin fabric of the panties.
– What did you do? – she was indignant, pulling out from under herself scraps of matter.
“I’ll buy you new ones later,” it was my turn to smack.
– Turn around! she asked again, and began to wipe herself off with the remnants of her panties.
From the basement we got out on the surface completely unchanged.
Only Lena lost her panties, and I gained memories of her fluffy pubic.
The path crawled up and led us to a white chapel in the center of the Kremlin.
Walking arm in arm with Lena, I felt that the girl was beating a chill.
– Are you cold? “Not paying attention,” she answered, “it happens to me often.”
– No, this is impossible, – I decided, – that way, and it’s not far to the cold.
Moreover, a set of clothes is not complete.

Lena smiled and nestled closer to me.
The treatment had to start immediately.
Not far from the central exit of the Kremlin was a bar, where we made excellent mulled wine. bongacams models videos
Lenka resisted a little, but under persuasion she drank two hot mugs.
“You don’t want to see the sunset over the Volga,” the bartender politely reminded us that it’s time to leave the tables.
I liked the idea, especially since Lena got warm and even turned pink on her face.
At the foot of the monument to Chkalov, a small crowd gathered, even more stood the people on the stairs that led straight to the river.
Lena, closely pressed her back to me, looked at the sun as it disappeared into the haze of a distant shore, looking askance at her, like a couple of lovers, not hesitating, kissing in front of everyone.
Smiling, I turned the girl over to me and saw in her eyes some kind of deep female longing.
Lena smiled sadly and stretched her lips to meet.
It turns out that when you kiss, you really do not have any business to those around you.
After seeing the passing sun, I offered to take a walk and look at the Kremlin in a calm atmosphere.
We again went through a tunnel under the Dmitrov Tower, wandered near the military equipment, descended to the Administration of the region.

All paths were full of walking people, with more young people.
“The calm city is calm people,” Lena remarked.
“They’re just different,” I said, “look, there’s a group of boys and girls.”
They argue, laugh and drink, notice not beer like ours, but lemonade.
People here are kinder.
– Thank, about lemonade is not necessary, please.
– What do you want to drink? – No, on the contrary.
– Lenka, you will not get bored with you, – I laughed.
– Here I am so mysterious.
Go better to our basement.
I had to stomp to the chapel, which turned out to be the Cathedral of the Archangel, and already from him begin to look for that single path.
In the gathering twilight we went out to a wide area, on its edges, on the benches or right on the curb, people were sitting.
– Thank you, wait, – Lena pulled me by the sleeve, – I have a crisis.
– Which one? – This!
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