amateur teen sex on cam After he left, Alyona burst into tears, and I tried to console her in every possible way.
Apparently, she imbued me with sympathy and trust, because she soon began to pour out my soul.
From her story, I realized that Alain came from a village in the Leningrad region to study in St. wireless webcam laptop Petersburg.
In the fourth year of university, she met in a nightclub with a muscular handsome Oleg, who was four years older than her.

As it turned out, in addition to the attractive appearance, the guy could boast of very rich and powerful parents, which gave him a special charm in the eyes of a young provincial.
Oleg, in turn, was flattering to appear in the company of such a magnificently beautiful girl.
Soon they began dating.
After a few months of their relationship, the girl was unpleasantly surprised by the extraordinary stinginess of her chosen one.
In the future, Oleg, seeing the constant attention to Alyona from the men, became very jealous of her and suspected of infidelity.
This went on for two years.
Their quarrels became more and more serious.
A year ago, he first raised his hand to her.
Alena was very worried, wanted to quit, but could not.
She really loved Oleg.
And all these three years, how long their relationship lasted, sincerely believed that he would change for the better.

However, Oleg began to regularly dissolve his hands in gusts of insane jealousy. wanking boys webcam
We sat for a long time on the night beach and talked.
More precisely, I basically listened to her carefully.
Then, seeing that she had spoken and calmed down a bit, I offered to take champagne and ride a scooter to the sea.
Alain first refused, and then I still managed to persuade her.
After driving a decent distance from the shore, we stopped and continued talking.
Champagne, as I expected, had an effect on it pretty quickly.
Alain relaxed and did not even resist when I began to kiss her passionately.
True, except for kisses and caresses nothing was no more.
A few hours later, she wanted to go home.
I spent it.
At my suggestion to meet again, she replied with some regret that they were leaving tomorrow afternoon.
The next day, Alyona approached me to say goodbye, while Oleg sunbathed not far away on a deck chair.
I was standing in the water near the scooters.
We embraced, and I gently kissed her neck.
For me, Alyona’s stormy response to this affection was a complete surprise.
I became bolder and kissed her on the lips.
She threw her legs around me.
It became increasingly difficult to hold back.
I lost my head from the inviting movements of her hips under the water and the sight of her gorgeous breasts.

Forgetting that we were on a populous beach, I pushed her bikini aside and violently took possession of her, hotly kissing the girl on the lips.
Her loud moans drove me crazy.
The sensations were just fantastic.
A few minutes later I turned Alain and entered her from behind, tightly clutching her elastic slender hips.
Inside it was wet and cramped.
I moved faster and faster, feeling that I would soon explode.
Alyona finished first, twisting, with loud, lingering moans.
Behind her, and I reached a climax, pouring into the water.
I don’t know how long the whole process lasted, but, considering the whole intensity of passions, I think that it’s not very long — no more than ten minutes.
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