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So you can imagine, she also sent me to the dick, – heated up with outrage, said Elena Vladimirovna – a manager who works with me in one department.
She retold her recent conflict with secretary Lyubochka that works in a nearby organization.

Looking back at Lyubochka, one can say that I am already afraid of meeting her in the corridor.
Her appearance makes me dizzy.
I will not dwell on Lyubochka for a long time, but it is worth noting the style of dressing her so that she wants to meet, like this, in the corridor, drag her to the toilet and fuck so that her hair will stand on end.
Eh, yet I digress from Elena Vladimirovna. cam porn tv
I hope you adequately answered her rudeness? Yes, she blurted out to her, – answers Elena Vladimirovna, – that they don’t go to dick, they sit on him! “That’s right,” I say, a little awesome from the frank expressions of my colleague.
What exactly”? She asks.
What the fuck they sit, and do not go, my women for sure, – I explain.
And often sit down? – smiling slyly, asks Elena Vladimirovna.
When both, but I try to at least 3-4 times a week.
– “Young, blood boils.
“- quoting a famous singer, Elena Vladimirovna replies to me, and with these words she rises and leaves in the direction of her office, but near the door, suddenly, loudly drops a pen on the floor and immediately bends over it.
I was surprised at her flexibility in her 47 years, but even more I was surprised at the awesomely beautiful, though slightly plump, priest.
And while my colleague “tried” to raise her own hand, I brazenly and not without pleasure stared at her beautiful ass. amateur teen webcam strip