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– She pointed her finger to my penis and giggled again.
“You won’t tell anyone anything, girl?”, Unexpectedly for her, I pressed her plump body to me when she came up with a jar of vaseline and pryntsovkoy.
“What will I tell you about ?,” she wrinkled her face, as if not understanding.

– Ah well? Then I’ll have to finish with you what you didn’t let us finish with Lely!, – I said and threw the blanket to the side, and then tried to knock Nastya on the bed.
All crimson, she rose and straightened her hair.
– Sick, if you let me do you an enema, I may be examining your farm.
Delighted by the fact that so quickly bowed this plump girl to a few pleasant minutes, I got on all fours and put her ass on her.
Nastya smeared my anus with petroleum, then, probably, dissatisfied with this, she smeared her index finger and stuck it in my anus.
– Here you are, nasty, for offending married girls! – So I still have not offended you? “Well, then you hurt your penis after an enema, don’t you?”, And she turned her finger inside.
– You see, I recognize every sex and my ass is often filled with all those things that you girls love so much.
– Fuu.
You are just like my husband, he also likes to have something inserted in there.

And she put me pryntsovku There and slowly its contents – warm water – flowed into my anus. webcam busty blonde teen
I stood on all fours and waited, and the water flowed and flowed.
Soon nudyu belly, and only after that the pressure weakened.
– And now, Vadim, lie on the flank! “Why, shouldn’t I go to the toilet?” – Not.
Get down !, she said, and after I lay down on my left side, I climbed onto the cot and grabbed my dick with my right hand.
Her movements were soft and unhurried, and I realized that plump girls, unlike those who resemble my little sister, are slower in their caresses, and their lust is also inflamed more slowly.
For a while she masturbated my dick, and I felt warm water pouring in my stomach and intestines.
The sensations were new, unexpected, but, if not strange, rather pleasant.
“You say that you are not finishing?” Nastya asked in a languid voice, “even now you cannot finish?” – Not.
I do not finish.
My dick is like oak! – This is what I need! I could not stand it and went to pour the contents of the intestines into the toilet, good, the push was right in my ward for convenience, behind a screen.
Nastya, opening the curtain with her hand, watched my actions with interest.
When I finished, I returned to the bed, after having nabbed the nurse for a magnificent ass.

Nastya followed me and without warning began to make me a blowjob.
Unlike her sister, she did not take a penis deep down her throat, but focused on only one head.
She frantically licked her, sucked, beat on her tongue, pulled between the lips.
I unzipped her white robe and my eyes were presented with two wonderful and pretty decent size boobs.
– Well, honey, are you ready? Ah, what am I asking, you are always ready! ”She said, undoing the bottom of the robe.
I did not take off her stockings and panties, just bared her pussy covered with blond hair, pulling the bottom of the panties aside.
– Cool pussy! – Have you doubted?
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