bongacams polina andrew By the way, if you behave badly, then you will sleep there too! Although this is not the worst option, believe me! Still, I do not like to touch my things without demand.
All that is here is sacred to you! And if you dare to break this, and I find out, then you will face severe punishment.
More and more demands Mrs. gave me.
And there was no doubt about their seriousness.

Elena was not joking when she spoke in such a tone.
I listened to all this, lying on my back, completely naked and feeling both feet of the Lady on myself.

– Next.
– she continued.
– You have to learn to be patient! Although it is not so easy, but you get used to it, I have no doubt.
If I don’t have a mood or desire, or what other things, then you can be on my knees all evening, just as an unnecessary thing at the moment for me! – Elena grinned. my sex cams net
The girl did not even have to stop each time to hear my agreement with her rules.
She simply read them out like a sentence, not interested in the opinion of a slave – whether he likes it or not.

“One more thing.”
– Elena did not hurry anywhere, having decided that it would be better to explain everything to the slave one day, in order not to return later.
– If I say sleep – you sleep! If I do not want to sleep, you, accordingly, do not sleep, slave! You are my thing, and must always be at my disposal at any moment.
In the morning, if I ever wake up and see that you are sleeping, then you will not envy! When I wake up, I have to see that my thing is near and ready for service, my lady! I do not like clumsiness if I wake up for your reason – punishment! My dream is sacred to you! I woke up, sit silently and wait for your lady to wake up.
In the morning.
– Elena thought for a moment.
– You will greet me on my knees, chest pressed to the floor, arms stretched out and crossed, forehead lying on hands, face down.
bongacams polina andrew