bongacams token online hack Well done, – praised her friend Sue, – You already know how to keep.
Taking the transparent bottle with her free hand and carefully pouring me the baby oil between her buttocks, Vicky looked at Sue again inquiringly.
First, walk with your index finger exactly between the buttocks, – Sue began to suggest, – Aha, like this: from top to bottom, and now from bottom to top.
And the hole? – smiled Vicky.

Put your finger in there, don’t be afraid, ”Sue grinned.“ But don’t hold on for a long time.
I know, ”Vicky giggled, unceremoniously dipping her finger in my ass,“ You already warned me that he could put a bunch on. ”
Now just spread the butter on the buttocks, ”Sue asked after Vicki had removed her finger from my priests,“ With the whole palm.
Hip too? Vicky asked, tickling her palm between my buttocks.
Yeah, ”Sue nodded.“ On the inside. ”
What? – Vicky appealed to me affectionately, – What is bothering our baby? I do not like how smeared baby oil? We must suffer.

All the kids so smeared.
We don’t want little Tommy’s diaper rash.
Shaking my whole body from the unbearable tickling, I felt that I was covered with goose bumps.
Such cool little balls in a neat pink bag, ”Vicky giggled, hooking her fingers to my scrotum,“ Now we should anoint this bag. ”
So, from all sides.
Do not torture the boy, – Ashley stood up for me, – Look how he is shaking from tickling.
In fact, Vicky! – turned to her friend Sue, – Stop messing around.
Come on, round out.
Tommy has long been bedtime.
Sue handed Vicky a clean diaper, which she immediately wore to me. erica rose campbell tits
Oh, I need to pussy up and screw up – Vicky caught herself and unbuttoned one of the stickies of the diaper, put her hand inside and straightened my pussy, again making me blush.
Well done, – smiled Sue, – You remember everything.
Well, put a boy in pajamas.
Vicky took the light yellow pajamas off the table and began to pull it on me.
It was terribly disappointing that I was dressed lying down like a chest, but I did not decide not to be capricious – if only the girls would quickly get behind me.

Get off the table and go to sleep! Sue ordered me after Vicky buttoned up all of her pajama buttons.
I did not need to repeat twice and literally jumping off the table, I ran to the bed and slipped under the covers.
Come on, ”Sue told her friends, pulling back the curtains.
“Finally,” I thought, seeing that all three were heading for the door.
In less than five minutes, I fell asleep.
When I woke up, I listened to the conversation coming from the door.
“Still here” – I thought with displeasure, discerning the voices of Vicky and Ashley.
Well, let’s go wake up, – said Sue, – I can imagine how wet he is.
“I can change Tommy’s diaper again,” Vicky suggested.
Is it possible this time me? – asked Ashley.
I first asked Sue! – declared Vicky.
You’ve been messing with him already, ”said Ashley, offended.
And you have a little brother, ”Vicky wouldn’t let up,“ You constantly change diapers for him, but I don’t have anyone to train on. ”
still for Tommin diaper fight, – grinned Sue.

The approaching steps were heard, and after a couple of seconds, all three entered my room.
And we are already awake, – Sue smiled to me, – Well, Tommy, let’s check your diaper.
Sue walked over to my bed and quickly threw back the blanket, began unceremoniously to feel me between my legs.
Dry, ”she said to her friends in surprise.
Potty habituation brings the first fruits, ”Vicky grinned with a clear disappointment in her voice.
What is broken off? – Sue laughed, – And so they were arguing about who now needs to change Tommin the diaper.
Can it change anyway? – said Vicky, – Pretend that the boy is wet.
What are you impatient, – smiled Ashley, – You can not wait until he really wet the diaper.
Just waiting is boring, said Vicky. “We have to do something with the boy.
For half a minute there was silence in the room.
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