cam compass But my aunt said that I should not be shy, especially since she saw me naked and even masturbated me.
We now did not even close the door to the bathroom.
My aunt undressed and told me to take off my T-shirt.
I obeyed.

Then she noticed that I had sex with her husband.

– “What is it on your back ??? This is sperm.
And on the ass too, anu bend, you have the whole pussy in sperm.
Tell me “But I lied and said that I undressed myself in front of him, and then we masturbated together and I wanted him to cum on me.
She believed and did not get angry.
From this point on, we bathed all in three, I often went around the house naked, we all watched porn in the evenings, lying on the couch, and right after this, my uncle and aunt had sex, and I chopped around them. edinburgh tattoo webcam
When my aunt was leaving, my uncle and I were fucking.
So the summer has passed, now the time will return to his hometown, to school.
Peers will probably share memories of the seas, camps, sanatoriums, and I don’t even know whether or not to tell their best friends about their sex education.

Probably I will tell, and I will better write in my diary, and I will let you read.

June 24.
Wake up late.
The phone rings.
This is Lenka.
Her parents offered us in July to go to a boarding house near Moscow.
True, with the proviso that there will not be such a disgrace that we committed at the dacha.
I naturally agree.
We agree to meet with me in the evening.
I also need to ask my mom for permission.
What should I take with me? I make my mother’s bed.
I looked in her wardrobe that I can borrow.
We have the same size.
I hope she will not mind fitting.
What underwear! Panties and bras on feast for the eyes.
I haven’t seen her in underwear for a long time.
How she dresses for dad.
I gently shift things.
What I like, I attach to myself, and even try on.
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