campbell river transit And I decided to act more actively – after all, I was stronger than him: he took both his hands behind his back, there he twisted them and put Vadik back on his hands.
In this way, he was deprived of the opportunity to act with his hands, and I got free access to the belt and jeans.
By the way, at that moment it seemed to me that Vadik could have defended himself more simply, if he really wanted to, This thought gave me determination — I began to unbuckle the belt, then, relaxing it, set about the snake.
She gave in easily, letting open her short yellow-white panties.

– Victor, do not.
– Well, why, my good.
Lie quietly – I easily slipped my free hand under the gum and immediately met the warm round head of his risen pisunchik.
– ABOUT! What about him? He needs space now.
I pulled down the panties, as far as possible, and asked: – Lift, please, ass for a second, let’s remove them completely.
And he.

raised! It was a complete victory.
I took everything from him, including sneakers and socks, and my Vadik remained in the same T-shirt, still shyly covering for her what I was so eager for.
But I lifted the T-shirt to his neck, then pressed his lips to his tummy, and, lowering lower and lower, they first touched the pubis, on which just appeared slightly noticeable blond hair, and then a round pink mushroom that looked so funny on the tip of a somehow limp and somehow cowering Vadkina pisunchik.
Vadik shrank, jumped, ran back to the window, his back turned from me. campbell river transit
I approached him from behind, raised my T-shirt again, embraced, kissed each of his plump halves, reached out to the testicles with my hand, gently drove them in the bag, and then took the greatly enlarged and hardened stem again.
Here, his master, who had already begun to calm down, again began to tremble all over and began to burst out, but I firmly held the trunk in my fist in such a way that only a much reddened bullet could be seen from it.
– Vitya.
– What is Vitya?

Why do you always run away from me? You see how happy your friend rejoices me, look how hard and hot he has become, and you carry him away somewhere all the time, and your beautiful plump ass and everything else.
Suddenly Vadik abruptly bent down, frantically lowered the T-shirt to his rebellious pisun, clamped it there, and I realized that he now needed 20 seconds to stay without my comments.
– Can I go to the bathroom? – Go, zayonok, and do not worry – everything will be fine.
He came out of the bathroom after seven minutes, holding the washed T-shirt in one hand, and covering his cherished places with the other.
– Are you hiding again? Go better, hang up a T-shirt – it will dry up while you leave.
– He agreed.
And when he came out of the bathroom, he came up to me, hugged me, hugging all his naked body to my clothes and suddenly kissed me right on the lips, I think that in that situation I wouldn’t make any effort to put him on the sofa, free myself from my shorts and panty and do with his ass that usually make normal “blue”.

But in those days it was considered shameful in our environment, and I did not dare to humiliate my friend.
And he, having kissed me, said: – I want you to be like me – and rushed to unbutton my shorts.
And now I am also almost completely naked, in one short T-shirt, which did not even cover my carrot, which was sticking out parallel to my stomach almost to the navel.
– What a handsome man! – whispered Vadik.
At first he only gently touched him and the testicles, and then took him into a fist and began to knead, then stroke, as a result, after a few seconds, I begged him to let me go, and I ran to the bathroom – the discharge was abundant.
(Here they are all!
campbell river transit