couple hidden camera sex The following describes the procedure and rules of conduct for participants in the tournament.
The PARENTS PARTICIPANT Parade, doping control, control measurements, the very process of the competition for an hour, and as the final moment – the awards ceremony for the winners.
At that time I did not know that such competitions are a significant incentive for extras and film actors with low popularity, giving them the opportunity to become famous or at least live comfortably in the coming season until the next tour.
Therefore, my training, as it turned out, was much simpler than that of experienced people in such events.

On the appointed day, in the evening, all those interested in conducting and watching the performance gathered in the House of Cinema, promising to be as interesting and exciting as ever, like any sporting event. couple hidden camera sex

At least 500 people gathered in the large assembly hall – prominent representatives of the film industry and the arts, some with their wives or perhaps mistresses who sat down according to their rank – who is more dominant than he is closer to the stage, who is smaller – on the periphery.

On the stage behind the seats of the presidium and the jury there was a huge digital scoreboard exactly like at the stadium or in some gymnasium in which the names of the participants registered for the tournament were in large letters.
I saw my name somewhere in the middle of the list of names arranged in alphabetical order.
Here I learned that I would have to compete with 27 applicants for prizes and benefits by young people of different ages, but they were all younger than 25-30 years old.
The opening ceremony of the tournament was arranged with no less fanfare than, for example, a representative contest like the presentation of the Oscar Prize.
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