cute teen girl on webcam And do you run a race? No panties? What umama! Well, I need you.
The girls, breathless from running, in tears and snot from the section, could not immediately say anything intelligible, they just started to squeeze out: – Uncle Vasya, listen.
– Uncle Vasya, we.
But Uncle Vasya did not listen.

With a clever movement, he grabbed Olya by the ear and tucked her head between his legs.
The next moment, with a gesture of work, he pulled the belt out of his trousers.
– Oh, you what.
Running around here, and even without panties.
Looks like the teachers are lazy about you.
Well, I’ll train your teachers a little.
Marina was stunned by surprise and fear and could not squeeze a word out of herself, only lowed: “We, we are already.
“She grabbed her loose panties, not knowing whether to pull them, or better not.

As for Olga, she could not say anything, because the watchman had already begun to smack her with his trouser strap. milky way chaturbate webcam show videos
Poor Olya could only scream, and her squeal echoed in the empty school corridor.
Interrupting for a minute, the watchman sternly told Marina: “You, girl, let your pants go.”
Do not pull.
You mean the next will.
Stay here with a bare ass, until the turn came.
And uncle Vasya again waved the belt, continuing the flog of Olga.
Releasing her a few more blows, he raised the girl.
– Enough with you, baby.
And you, long, come here.
At that moment, a teacher left the corner with a briefcase.
– What’s going on here? – he asked.
“Nothing, Victor Ivanovich,” the watchman reported.
– They run here without panties, you know, that’s what I learned them a bit.
– Vasily, yes, I sent them to run to the door.

And he punished them properly.
And they did not say anything to you that they were already thrust? And you do not see, or what? – It’s dark here, Victor Ivanovich.
And what is there to look at – in the entoi school almost every girl with traces on the ass – go and understand when she was thrashed – today or the other day! – Yes, the slip turned out.
So you pushed them or just going? – One only whipped, smaller.
This lucky – I did not have time.
– Hmm, one, you say? It also somehow turns out badly – they were everywhere together, and only one got here.
You have to, Vasily, finish what you started.
Otherwise, Olga will be insulted.
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