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Well, we, in fact, are delicating with each other, we have a frankly male conversation: can I fuck your wife?

In the same place, in training, she met one girl.

An ordinary student is an external student, married for three years.
It so happened that their family rented an apartment a block away from us.
Therefore, we quickly became friends and occasionally went to visit each other.
The girl’s name was Marina.
She was a sporty short girl, with a big pear-shaped ass and a small breast.
Her husband was the very opposite, tall, stately, of a large build.
His name was Andrew.
He is a former skater athlete, so his lower part was very hypertrophied.
Excessively pumped legs and strong buttocks. free scat webcam
They were a pleasant, friendly couple, our peers.
Engaged in business activities.
From conversations, we gradually learned about each other more and more.
It turned out that Marina and Andrew are hardened bathhouse attendants.
Katerina was delighted with this fact, as she often visited the sauna when she was a teenager.
I was absolutely indifferent to this occupation, besides, I was somewhat looser and always shy about the procedures associated with changing clothes in a public place.
An inferiority complex you know.
Besides, I didn’t really want to look like a seal against the background of a trimmed Andrei.
But by a majority of votes, it was decided to go to the sauna in two weeks.
Time flew by quickly and now one day, Katerina took out a separate blue swimsuit, and I threw free pants on the bed.
I was pleased with this, because in swimming trunks it would look ridiculous, the stomach would hang down and without that, a small penis would be pressed down by a dense fabric of swimming trunks. emily webcam