first webcam orgasm And really – there was something to admire !!! Height 173, slim, tanned body, albeit with beach triangles from a swimsuit.
Long brown hair fell in waves on her shoulders.
Breast, although it was only 1 or a little 2 sizes, but was so beautiful and beautifully placed with mischievously sticking out small nipples, that her friend immediately pulled from the anticipation of the lower abdomen and became much wetter between her legs.
Beautiful straight legs, tiny ass with boyish not pronounced hips – well, just a real “Uni-sex” !!! At the bottom of the trimmed sports tummy flaunted a lush triangle of uncut hair, covering intimate charms from view.

– Hmm.
There is something superfluous – Natalia said, despite the lack of pruning on the pubic of a friend.
– But we will quickly fix it !!! She confidently got up, walked over to a friend standing in the middle of the hall, handed her only one towel and hugged her waist and said: – Ida go swimming !!!

We wash off all the urban mud! But seeing in her eyes the uncertainty and confusion, added: – Yeah, just like that, naked.
Why dirty clean clothes.
Let us swim in the lake, wash off the sweat and city dust and then put on clean dresses.
The lake is two steps away – behind the bath, around the trees and not a soul.
In general, complete privacy and sex! In the corridor, dress the shales and go forward along the path down to the bathhouse, I follow you.
Chapter Two
LAKE The descent to the bathhouse went under a slight slope along the winding path of the paved country pavement, and Natalya had a beautiful view of all the delights of the naked body of her friend in front of her.
Her elastic ass is slightly tinged to the beat of movements and beautifully set hips with slender legs so beckoning Natalia that she could barely restrain herself not to overtake and stick her hands and lips into the body in front of her walking friend.

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And her straight back with beautiful shoulders and thin waist caused waves of anxious cramps in the lower abdomen and abundant moisture, which had already thoroughly moistened all the feminine charms of the honey of her legs.
Turning around the corner of the bath, the girlfriends opened the most beautiful view of the local lake.
It was, though not large 100 to 200-300 meters in volume, but with crystal warm water fed by local springs and warmed by the summer sun.
On the perimeter, it was framed almost from all sides by a high dense bush mixed with trees, carefully hiding from prying eyes everything that can occur in the bathhouse area or on the water surface of the lake itself.
The bath itself represented a solid two-story teremok from a calibrated log, from the porch of which a wide, paved with the same paving stone walked to the lake, a path resting on a small open coastal gazebo with a walkway facing the water surface of the lake.

From this walkway, it was possible not only to jump into the water after a steam room, but also to fish in the morning or evening dawn.
A small 2-3-seat boat was also tied to it – in general, it was a complete Paradise !!! Natalya, taking her friend’s hand, walked straight to the shore gazebo.
Having entered it, she threw her towel and summer clothes on a bench, pinned up her hair so that she would not get wet and turned to her friend standing next to her.
– Throw your towel next to me and let you kill your beauty, so as not to dampen.
We will not dive this time, but we will descend slowly along the ladder – so that the hair does not get wet.
Will pay off and run into the bath for a while.
Come with me, here at the bridge with the side is not deep – about a meter and a half, but further and deeper, so tonight after the steam room, dive boldly forward from the walkway.
Without waiting for an answer, Natalya went to the side ladder, turned backwards to the lake and, holding onto the railing, began to slowly descend into the water.

A friend followed her, slowly and cautiously began to descend the ladder into the water.
To her surprise, the water was so warm that Katerina had already boldly plunged almost to the chest and had reached the bottom with her feet, slightly pushed off from the railing with her hands.
Literally sailing the meter from the walkway, she found herself in the arms of Natalia, who had already mastered the water and waited for her.
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