freeport bahama webcam These are you, Mary, curious daughters, – Jenny grinned, – Almost came close to the window.
My boy of two of them was so awfully shy.
Our Danny was also shy when his mother made him wear diapers a month ago, she recalled with laughter and Amanda giggled again.
Well, open your big bag and show what you have brought, ”said Jenny.

These are two pajamas, – began to list Mary, – And these are costumes for infants.
Just lovely, ”said Jenny,“ Everything is as it should be — they fasten between the legs so that it is convenient to change the diaper.
I didn’t even know that they sew such big children.
And two pairs of sliders with sewn legs, ”Mary continued.
Two bibs, ”Amanda added.
This is Dannin’s pot, ”said Mary.
Did you bring me a baby pot? – Jenny grinned. – I don’t know Daz.
I am now a bit like teaching my diapers, and not the pot.
Didn’t you think that the boy after the diapers would have to re-accustom the pot? – laughed Mary.
Logically, Jenny agreed, only I could have bought him a pot myself.

You wouldn’t find such a big one, ”said Mary.“ Small pots are sold in children’s stores – for a maximum of four years old.
Your little boy is unlikely to fit on an ordinary pot.
“It will fit on that,” Jenny grinned. “You bought it on the Internet too?” And where else, – Mary replied, – By the way, since you are sure that you haven’t taught anyone to take the pot, here’s the appropriate book for you: “Teach the child to the pot”.
Thank you, – my aunt thanked the neighbor, – A cool book.
Especially the illustrations, ”Molly giggled.
That’s not all, ”Mary continued,“ When you teach a child to the pot, he should wear it instead of normal diapers, t. freeport bahama webcam
training panties.
Here’s a one-off packaging for you – I think they will do.
If you wore this size, of course it will do, ”said Jenny.“ And what, I wonder, do these panties differ from diapers? ” Is the absorbent layer thinner? Yeah, a little thinner, although everything absorbs well too, – Mary replied, – Do not worry, the floor and furniture will not be affected.

The training panties are designed to make the child feel wet, ”Amanda explained.
Yeah, so that he was not too comfortable after being described, ”added Molly.
How our Danny hated those panties, ”Amanda giggled.
Especially when my mother forced him to walk in them for half an hour after she was sleeping, ”Molly remembered.
Danny will remember this punishment for a long time, – Mary smiled.
How much did you keep him in diapers? – asked Jenny.
Three weeks, Mary replied.
I hope after that the wet pants finally stopped, – Jenny grinned. – I wonder, did he have you wetting them at night? Or was it written during the day? Did you write? – With a laugh, Mary asked again. – Do you have diapers for just wet pants? For what? – asked Jenny in surprise.
Yes for everything, – Mary smiled, – A very popular punishment for children of primary school age – from six to ten years.
“Mom punished Danny for hurting girls at school,” Amanda said.
“I didn’t obey anyone at home,” Molly added.

“I’d just bang on the pope,” said Jenny.
Well, you also have cave ideas about raising a child, – Mary sneered, – We live in the 21st century.
It is somehow indecent to do such things.
“Well, well,” Jenny chuckled.
Punishing diapers is much more effective than spanking, Mary said.
Danny was like silk after him, ”Amanda confirmed.
Yeah, just as a substitute, – said Mary, – And if you don’t believe me, read the stories of others in the respective parent forums.
What kind of forums? – asked Jenny in surprise.
Dedicated to punishing diapers, Mary explained.
Wow, said Jenny, even there are such forums on the Internet.
And who usually sits there? Like who? – smiled Mary, – Moms who make older children wear diapers.
Send me a couple of links, ”Jenny asked.“ It will be interesting to read how others do it. ”
They agreed that the punishment by diapers should last at least a week, Mary began to explain, but you shouldn’t delay it, because the child begins to get used to diapers and no longer perceives them as punishment.

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