good streaming webcam Nina liked Kolya, and she began podmahivat him, enjoying and from his sweeping movements, shocks, setting himself up for a long intercourse.
Kolya fucked her for half an hour, they were both already wet with sweat, the vagina squished from an excess of Nina’s discharge, but neither he nor she gave up.
Only when Kohl gave a hoarse sigh and began to pour his sperm into it, adding it to the already existing Nina juices, she realized that she had received what she expected.
Having finished, he fell off her, whispered: – Oh! Good! – And fell asleep, immediately starting to snore softly, from what lay on his back.

Nina climbed over him, kissed at the same time, helped Kolya to lie on his side and the snoring stopped.
She laughed softly and went back to the big room naked.

Inga was not there yet, but from their room one could hear the straining breathing of a man approaching the peak of intercourse and the creaking of a bed. good streaming webcam
She also heard Inga’s crying and contented cries.
There, the matter only came to an end, and Nina was left with nothing but how to wait for this end.
She did not dress, sat down with her bare ass on a chair and poured herself a glass of vodka.
I drank and then realized that her Lyoshka and Inga had also completed their common cause.
Again the creaking of the bed was heard and Inga appeared, reeling from weakness, contented, smiling.
It turned out, Ninochka! Your Lyoshka did not even look at me.
Just climbed into bed, leaned over and immediately began to fuck, not even kissed.
And it became good for me, so I let him podmahivat, and he, for the ass, I clung to and pushes him, pushes.

He has a long one, but thinner than Kolka’s, he took out several times before the uterus, it was even a little painful, but pleasant.
And correctly you said that they are drunk long fuck.
I finished five times and the sixth, when he began to descend into me.
Did you like with Kolya? Of course I liked it.
He has a fat one, just what I needed.
In general, I ended up, did not count how many times, but a lot.
Great happened, on occasion, and you can repeat.
Come, get ready, then.
Well, when the house has all the conditions.
Well done, you and Lyoshka, all the same, my own, would not have thought of this before.
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