hidden camera sex new Malva entered, closing the door behind her.
“Ivan Abramych,” she began, and faltered.
She opened her mouth to continue.
Did not continue.

She looked straight, flashing her eyes.
Squeezed her eyes.
and jerked off her shirt.
There was nothing under it.
– Malva, what are you doing? Shouted Ivan Abramych.
– Why? – she asked hoarsely and approached him, shaking her nipples, embossed like strawberries.
Every step cost her an obvious effort.
– Malva !.
Well, look: your ears are smoking.
– Ivan Abramych told her, not knowing why he said that.
He was probably ashamed of her, but Malvy was already ashamed.
She was so embarrassed that she suddenly fell back, and Ivan Abramitch barely managed to catch her.
“Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it,” he repeated, running around the lying Malva.
– Catcher! – Ivan Abramych remembered and rushed to the first-aid kit, knocking over a chair.

Squeezing deafeningly, Malva woke up.
– BUT.
– she began.
“Everything will be fine,” muttered Ivan Abramych, shaking from her strawberries.
– You were fainted.
Well, who does that ?.
Everything will be fine.
– BUT.
and you me.
while I.
– What am I you ?.
– Well.
have received? Ivan Abramitch stared at Malva.
That – on him.
Crazy eyes pierced his brain like blue lasers.
– Malva, what are you? He asked sternly.
– What are you? – He yelled at her.
– Totally screwed? Yes? Dressed quickly, and go air out! Mallow.
– he took a lower tone, – well.
Why are you so? Well what’s up with you? “What a fucking teacher am I,” he thought to himself.
“Nothing,” Malva got up, looking into his eyes.
“I just wanted you to fuck me.”
So you fucked me.
This is to Kostya revenge.
He fucked me.
And you fucked me.
Chao! She pulled the T-shirt backwards and walked out, slamming the door. hidden cam real orgasm
Ivan Abramych looked after her, opening his mouth.

No one has ever heard such words from Malva.
First with Malva, then, if it does not help, with the parents.
But in the morning Malva got under the car.
Nothing serious – bruises, abrasions, dislocation, fixed on the spot, and many, many tears – so much that the eyes faded and became steel.
Frightened, scratched Malva cried out of them all blue.
She was smeared with brilliant green, shoved into bed and, under the fear of repression, was told not to get out of there for three days.
It was just a weekend.
Ivan Abramitch watched if Kostya would come to her, but no one came.
In the evening he decided.
Malva revealed to him, surprised, dull, like a shadow.
“Malva,” said Ivan Ivanovich, and suddenly embraced her.
She immediately leaned over to him, sticking his shoulder.
– I.
– she buzzed into him, like a silencer.
– I.
– What? – I.
you, – she looked into Ivan Abramsch in the eyes, as if asking – “yes?

right? ”“ Well, ”Ivan Abramitch told her, nodding his head like an idiot.
He felt so sore in his chest that he seemed to himself not a big guy with a beard, but a little boy younger than Mallow.
– Wait, and Kostya? – Kostik is just like that.
He is Don Juan, well, in general.
Besides, should I learn to kiss? “Must,” Ivan Abramych confirmed, writhing in his stupidity, and to muffle her, he pressed Malva closer to himself.
Immediately hit the current grateful body.
It clung to him so tightly that Ivan Ivanovich felt his fast, choking pulse.
We had to do something.
“Malva,” Ivan Abramych raised a frowning, desperately pink face by the chin.
Her cheeks and lips burned in blue hair like corals deep in the bay.
“Your chest is very beautiful,” he said suddenly.
– That is, I really like it.
And you.
Face flushed with happiness.
Transparent eyes burned through Ivan Abramych through, and Malva squeezed him three times stronger.
– Well, well, what shall we do with you, Malva?

He whispered, feeling that he could not bear it.
His hands crawled over Malvin’s body, flowing over all the bulges.
Those spring under the fingers, giving a current through the clothes.
“Ahhh,” Malva suddenly squeaked, and Ivan Abramych jumped away from her like a scalded dog.
“I forgot that she was after the accident.
“- Sorry, Malvochka, forgive, please,” he muttered, apologizing for everything at once.
– Forgive me, okay? I.
The doorbell rang.
Ivan Abramitch spun like a whirligig.
“These are ancestors from work,” said Malva.
– As always, on time.
Ivan Abramych greeted the Mironenki.
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