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After tormenting my dilemma, I wrote a letter that I agree, let’s meet.
I reassured myself that the letter had come to me a long time ago, they had already found a boy for themselves.
And in general, all this is spam, or someone’s joke.

Having calmed myself, I went to the other tab and continued surfing the net.
Twenty minutes later, the dialogue tab from the dating site flickered.
My heart began to beat the flicker of the tab.
A couple of minutes, I did not dare to open it, but still overpowered myself and clicked on the tab.
The answer was brief: “Well, that answered, today at 20–00 per Art.
Having broken down internally, I wondered if I had two hours before the meeting and I had to hurry if I wanted to be in time.
I reached out and leaned back in my chair.
Well, that will be.
The boy is beautiful, almost like a girl.
Thin, short growth.
Just like Dasha.
All right, all right.
Less thought, more work.
Shave, wash, and roll out.
I do not want to be late.
After one hour and forty minutes, I parked my Pepelats X3 model in front of the cafe where the meeting was made, turned off the engine and went inside the basement room.
The boy was already sitting at the table.
Nodding to the bartender, I proceeded to the table.
– Hello!

Pasha? Very nice, Maxim. how to see if your webcam works
– I said.
– Y-yes, hello.
– the boy stuttered slightly.
– Very, p-nice! – he answered.
– I see that you are confused.
Understand that I offered you nothing shameful, especially for 400 raccoons in one meeting.
I can even guarantee that you will also be pleased.
Twice profitable.
– I spoke in the tone of a righteous pastor.
– Yes, of course, but you see, I have never played such a role, and I do not know.
– on this Pasha lost his way, looking down.
– Not yet? Believe me, I will do everything to make you feel good and painless.
– I continued with a confident and slow tone, looking into his eyes.
My thoughts were spinning: “Fresh meat, fresh meat, it costs these attendants, it costs even more.
“What a gift will be for Dashuty.
Oh what, the perfect toy.
“I thought frantically.
– Let’s do it.
Here is the final offer – $ 400 for each night, you can live with us.
– I said.
There is no shame in this deal.
Just a mutually beneficial service.
I’ll wait for you for half an hour in the car, a gray jeep stands opposite the entrance.
If you come to that I agree with the proposal, I will wait in it.
– I said, threw on the table a large bill at the expense of the boy and went out.
It’s been twenty minutes since my release.

I sat and pecked Parliament a cigarette for a cigarette.
“If only I sat down, only if I sat down” – thoughts were spinning in the excited brains.
In the same thoughts, I saw Pasha sucking my dick, how I poured his pretty face with sperm, how my cock penetrates his back hole, how the boy writhes in pain beneath me.
“Taak, sidekick osady horses, now wet pants.
“- I thought, lit another cigarette and blew smoke at the ceiling.
Suddenly a sharp knock on the car window brought me out of the captivity of fantasy.
I flinched and turned to the noise.
Pavlik stood in indecision next to the car, wondering if he could sit down.
“Eiees! Pecked! “- flashed through my head.
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