is it possible to hack a webcam the next morning i woke up late.
with a brutal appetite.
My mom did not even notice that I did not have a couple of hours at least last night.
I’m good.

I even ate too much and went to bed.
and slept almost until the evening when she ate again and went to sleep again.
In the morning we arrived in Sochi.
I was pleased.
14 days we had to swim.
and go to concerts.
I got out of the car and met with my lovers.
said hi and went further by the hand with maman.
I open my eyes.
Bright light, it hurts me.
Where I am? Why so headache? I do not remember anything.
A soft bed, although for some reason it was supposed to be a hard surface, I try to fold the hair out of my eyes, but my hands do not obey.
Why?! With effort, make them move.
sharp pain slamming into wrists.
Quiet, you’re hurting yourself.
This voice.
sort of like he knows me.
I turn my head, meet someone else’s eyes.
Nightmare, these eyes again.

For a few seconds, I fix a picture of strength, power, self-reliance and barely noticeable insecurity and fatigue of all these characteristics.
and the memory as if breaks through the dam of saving oblivion.
It seems I scream.
out of fear? Desperation? Pains Yes, this will not forget.
It all started as a trip to the mountains.
My intuition was silent for some reason, usually it does not fail me.
At that moment, you and I were together for less than a month.
I have not had time to either become attached to you or develop a strategy for further relations. live webcam joi
It all started as an open relationship and non-binding sex, but I flew.
In this, sadly, was not your merit.
My sensuality has always been for me either a curse or a gift from above.
I do not even know exactly what.
A few weeks passed, and you no longer belonged to yourself, because it was impossible not to fall in love with me.
I broke you very quickly, the familiar scenario.

That night we were with you two.
We pitched the tent, admired the sunset, sat for a long time around the fire, and then after an hour of your skillful oral caress I fell asleep.
And when I woke up, the night exploded.
The noise of motors.
You tried to protect me.
“Dude, back off, we need your chick.”
There were three of them.
While you clashed with them in the handwriting, I was in a panic looking in the vast backpack my pneumatic.
Which unfortunately fell somewhere.
not found.
you screamed – “run,” but I always spit in the face of danger.
And when he drew in the tent, there was no fear, there was only rage.
A handsome, athletic guy about the same age as me, really cool packed and confident in his permissiveness.
He remained indifferent to my stream of expletives, the rain of passing objects, which flew into his head and my unchildren’s anger.
But his gaze, even despite the lack of light, punched a gap in my mind, and further.

I remember the pain when He grabbed my hair, dragged me out of the tent and, having thrown back on the ground, crushed my neck with my foot.
There was no fear even then.
Until the very moment I did not see it.
You knocked out one of the attackers, but I did not have time to shout to you, warning about the danger.
A knife in someone else’s hand.
fire flame.
Blade at heart level.
I looked and realized – you are not.
That was enough, I lost consciousness for the first time in my life.
He is near.
Why am I not afraid? Say
What about him.
I beg.
– I do not recognize my voice.
I usually require.
– he was killed? He looks away.
No, not that.
And who is he for you? What do you care.
You died.
I am becoming aware of this.
Because always with my men I had a mental connection, now it does not exist, because you are somewhere far away.
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