jurassic world park cam We sat up to the evening line, and went together to build, funny and satisfied, that finally, we found out our relationship, there is no longer a barrier, everything, now we are together.
The change was just beginning, and we remember forever a warm June evening with a purple sunset.
And now I am very bright, and to the smallest detail I remember this evening, the evening of the beginning of our first, childish, passionate, but as it turned out short love.
Ahead of us were difficult trials, pure, honest, defenseless love, a constant sense of danger, the eternal complexity of solitude, grief of short separations, the happiness of long meetings, quarrels over trifles, violent reconciliation, mockery of peers, moral of parents and endless searching for solutions to a single question: – what waiting for us to come? I made the water a little warmer and stuck my whole head, the goosebumps got even bigger and it became even nicer.

I took a shampoo so refresh duck and wash my hair at the same time.
Suddenly someone put a very cold hand on my back, I started, it was Aunt Nadia.
She asked: – Lesha, are you alright? , wash and go to the kitchen – Ok, but my head is rinsed and I come I washed, it became fresh and my head became lighter, but I felt some kind of, if not heaviness, then haze in my head – that’s for sure.
I went into the kitchen, and our mothers, as if by agreement, almost told me in chorus: – Alexey, sit down, you need to talk. bongacams merilovely Of course, I’m not quite a moron, I feel that something happened that made my mother come here, say what time it was slept. black webcam porn videos
But why did I sleep? Who and why did I give the injection? Where is Oleg? What happened? I would like to ask these questions to my mother and aunt Nadia, but they were ahead of me and simply put a syringe and three empty ampoules of morphine on the table.
Oleg was only given one ampoule a day, and then for the night, so that he would not be so sick.

The sister immediately took the vial, and the morphine in the box was removed in the cupboard.
Where did the three empty ampoules come from? They looked at me in silence, and I looked at the ampoules and syringe, so glass with a rusty needle.
My thoughts finally got off, I didn’t understand what was going on and somehow somehow got confused, estimating different options for the appearance of these ampoules.
Finally, I asked: – Where is Oleg then? , to dressing something they took? Aunt Nadia asked so quietly too: “Lesha duck, don’t you remember anything?” – What should I remember? And then I went cold, remembering a dream.
I felt very bad, dizzy, a lump rolled up to my throat.
Aunt Nadia said even more quietly and slowly: – Lesha, Oleg is no more, he died. Monitor webcam microphone. I think I tried to get up, but in fact I fell from the chair to the floor.
Again the smell of ammonia, sharp and nasty.
I opened my eyes.
I looked at the world around me, in a different way, as it is more sober and adult.

Never again in my life, even when I was severely wounded in Angola, I did not lose consciousness and did not faint.
Apparently, this is how the human brain works, that stress is both harmful and beneficial at the same time.
Then, waking up, I remembered what seemed to be a dream.
Of course, everything was foggy, but still it was.
Later, when I became a doctor, I realized that this is how tranquilizers act, causing retrograde amnesia, t.
lack of memory for events preceding drug sleep.
But in my 16 years, I could not know this and just remembered the images that were before my eyes.
I came that day from school early, at 12 o’clock, ate and ran to Oleg.
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