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According to our agreement – I can not.
After all, I am only helping Yana to become pregnant, and there was no question of any of my satisfaction.
It’s a pity.

Meanwhile, Vitya was already very quickly moving in his wife’s pussy.
I prepared for the climax and waited for him to pull out his penis and I could get better by how his sperm is thrown into my mouth.
And here he is on the last move pulls a member out of his wife’s vagina.
ABOUT! This is such a member! He is all in the juices of Yana, with a bare head, tense to an unimaginable state (after all, 6 days of abstinence)! He starts to jerk him off, and I clasp my head with my lips and try to get at least a little to the beat of his movements.
I feel the first portion of sperm spilling into my mouth with a powerful jet.
And I love cum! I love to feel how a kind of volcano of passion erupts right in my mouth.
I myself love to cum in my mouth when at that moment they swallow!

For some reason, these sensations are much stronger than when the sperm is left just in the mouth.
And I would like to strengthen the feelings of Victor, but I can not! After all, all the sperm should get into the pussy of his wife.
And a lot of sperm.
After the second volley, it no longer fits in the mouth and begins to flow down the corners of the mouth.
And Vitya is still finishing, his hand moves over the penis and hits my lips, stretching the semen from the corners of my mouth to all my lips! And then I feel how he takes me by the hair and moves closer to the vagina of his wife, while not pulling the penis out of my mouth. lesbian webcam couple
I’m already very close, here she is, she is waiting, waiting to be filled in a rather strange way.
I spread the sex lips of Yana, thereby revealing her hole.
Vitya quickly pulls a member out of my mouth and I fall down to the hole of his wife with my lips.
It is not as easy as it seemed to me at first.
Lick the sperm from the vagina, when finished there – it is a pleasant and fairly easy task, but to shove it inwards – you need to fold your lips so that you can spit out everything in the hole, because these precious droplets should all be inside it!

Immediately, as soon as I finished, I wrapped my lips around Vitya’s rather elastic member, sucked the rest from my penis and put my lips to Yanochka’s pussy again.
And she, in turn, grabbed my head and squeezed me tightly, thus showing that she wanted more right now! I did not make her wait long, pressed my lips to her clitoris and began to caress him.
gradually increasing the pace.
Apparently, the picture of her husband.
cum in my mouth guy, she terribly aroused and she finished just a minute after my caresses.
Finished without moans, at all, only with insane cramps all over the body! Jan lying all in the same position.
In a tired, exhausted voice, she said that in this position the sperm penetrates the uterus best.
Vitya had already run away, washed himself and jealously covered Yana’s whole body with a sheet, which inexplicably appeared in his hands.
My jeans just burst with excitement and I quickly went to the bathroom.
I got under the shower.

set the temperature of water I needed and with pleasure took my dick in my hand.
Of course, I wanted to be in Yana’s mouth or in some other hole, but it was impossible and I started to caress myself.
Having made a couple of movements, I began to move my hand quickly, very quickly and in just 10 seconds jets of sperm flew around the bathroom.
How did I expect this.
To be continued.
January 2014.
I met him at the beach.
He had just come out of the water and had his back to me without noticing me.
He was naked, only a white towel, slung over his left shoulder, covered part of his back, and wiped his face with the other side of the towel.
The olive tan of his slender, muscular body was interrupted by a white stripe of elastic, man-made buttocks.
kisuly bongacams