port canaveral cruise webcam I liked your answer.
I turned off the crank and the flow of warm water into your intestines stopped.
no orders followed.
you knew that in such circumstances you must continue to masturbate.

after a few minutes I said that you could finish.
The water in your stomach caused you a lot of discomfort, so it took a little longer than I spent on it.
I achieved the desired effect when I attached a clothespin to your nipple.
it worked almost instantly.
I wiped your ass and all the discharge from your pussy with your panties, for which I went to the room.
from now on, those panties gagged you.
Unfortunately rinse your mouth since you nadraivala my dick, you have not had the opportunity.
Well, never mind.
I helped you get up and, on stiff legs, walk to the toilet, the benefit of the bathroom combined and it was a matter of a couple of steps.
how much gratitude was in these beautiful even now eyes.
When you finished, I helped you dry off and, grasping the clothespin on the nipple, led me into the room.
On the bed lay handcuffs and rather large sizes of dildos, which I also prepared beforehand while I was away for your panties.
by order, you yourself handcuffed your hands behind your back.
Dummy was 18cm – no less and no more, so as not to lose progress.

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brushing it, I abruptly put it in your pussy.
you just muffled ohnah through the gag, but stood up on the socks.
I put you a little rough on the bed, all the same – booty up.
and taking a little dimpled lube, smeared for the third time your already rested from a member of the ass.
Without any warning, I drove you all the way.
you could do nothing but moo in your lacy gag.
This time I enjoyed your ass, pulling you long and hard.
I once again held your hair in my hand, forcing me to look at the reflection in the glazed bookcase.
and see what it was.
your ass is kicked up, a gag is in your mouth, your hands are helplessly shackled behind your back.
tears flickered in my eyes again, but I saw fire in them.
I saw in them a desire.
I saw how you like to be in my absolute power, depend on my momentary mood, give me pleasure the way I want it.
By the time I finished at you, you already orgasm more than once.
without my permission.
Well, I think on the first day you can forgive such an oversight.
taking out the gag and removing the handcuffs, I again took you to the shower.
and again there was a fire between us, and again we merged in a passionate kiss.
From the shower I brought you to the bed in my arms.
And again we are lying nearby.

you side to me, my head on my shoulder, wrapped my leg around me, and stroking my hand with my hand, talking about the emotions and feelings I experienced.
I hug your shoulder with my free hand, sometimes I stroke your chest and share my plans for you in the near future.
and plans are enough.
many cause a shadow of fear in this sweet little face, but when I finish, you will briefly look into my eyes, whisper to me with a smile to my ear, that you will do everything that I want and kiss me on the cheek.
and I believe you.
you are my slave, and I am your Master.
The first story.
In the summer it was.
I worked then in the third shift.
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