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“We lay naked, wet from sweat, we were breathing heavily and trying to figure out whether we were too loud in the process of our communication.
Wiping her crotch T-shirt, she dressed and went to the river to the children, grinning – “I went to take a shower.”
I immediately fell into oblivion, however, having had time to pull on this melting.

I woke up just before dinner, when the pot of pasta and tea was already actively gurgling on the fire, and next to the fire, on a spreading oilcloth, there was an open can of stew and lay sliced ??bread and young cucumbers from Tony’s vegetable garden.
“Who collected the firewood?” I asked the children sitting around the fire confusedly.
“We collected,” the children happily answered.
Apparently, Tonya, showed an outstanding talent as an educator, having organized children as laborers to give me the opportunity to sleep more.

True, it must be admitted that all this was clearly in her own interest.
After dinner, we all with our friendly company went to a large bonfire, where, with a guitar, passing from hand to hand, the people chanted obstinately about the canvas side brigantine and fragrant clusters of acacia.
Mugs and glasses knocked, Couples came and dissolved again in the dark.
Leaving the children without day rest, Tonya killed two birds with one stone.
One of the “hares” in the form of a washed-up pink T-shirt hung on a rope behind our tent, sluggishly fluttering from the whiffs of a light evening breeze.
The second “hare” was the fact that our kids, who had run in for the day, were pecking their noses, pressed against Mummy’s and folder’s sides, and were clearly ready to spend the next night in sound and healthy sleep. ebony webcam deepthroat
We did not drive them from the fire into the tent, patiently waiting for the moment when they themselves fall from exhaustion.

Such a moment came and Tonya led half-awake children into the bushes to pee and bye-bye in warm sleeping bags.
After sitting in a noisy company, there was still as much as Tony needed to put children in sleeping bags and get them to sleep, according to my calculations, I went to the river to wash my long-suffering working organ.
Having moved about 200 meters from the camp, I went down to the water, undressed and went knee-deep into the water.
The sky was clear, and half the moon completely illuminated the place of my swimming.
In the bushes around me the darkness.
it was so thick that it was already impossible to see a man standing a couple of meters away.
Trying not to make noise, I began to rinse my hot cock.
Now, in the cool water, he shrank and trustingly fit into my palm.
Having completed the hygienic procedure and barely pulled on pants and a t-shirt, I heard voices nearby.

Someone was clearly walking along the path along the river.
Not wanting to embarrass anyone, I cautiously retreated from an open place into the darkness of the bushes and, trying not to crackle with branches, sat down, trying to merge with the background.
Two girls came to the place where I stood a minute ago.
One, tall, immediately quickly took off her tracksuit, under which were only white panties, brightly highlighted in the reflections of the moonlight.
“Are you going to bathe,” the second plump girl asked, wearing a sweater and a long skirt to the ground.
– “No, only I will wash up” – answered the first.
“Do you think Vadik will manage something today?” Asked a fat little woman with a grin. “He almost ate a bottle of vodka.” “I will succeed.
“- has besieged her friend high.
She took off her panties, threw them on her clothes and suddenly stepped towards the bushes, in the shadow of which I hid.

Before reaching a couple of steps to my shelter, the girl sat down, spread her legs and began to write loudly.
Having finished the noisy procedure, the girl entered the water on her knees, spread her legs and began to gently wash her charms.
At this time, her plump friend also decided to go in a small way.
On the spot, she lifted her skirt, and peeed too, dropping indecently large underpants to her knees.
Holding the skirt up, the girl walked to the shore and, after scooping up the water with her palm, moved her hand in her crotch.
High came out of the river, dried off with a towel and quickly dressed.
port of nassau bahamas web cameras