purple bitch s bio and free webcam I was promoted! Lena was a little drunk, she kissed me, licked her lips and looked attentively at my face.
– You look beautiful today.
I blushed with shame.
However, she did not file any kind and asked me to help her undress.

Razuvshis, she immediately went to the bathroom.
Opportunities I have to hide a bra that just hung on the bathroom, I just did not have.
When Lena came out of the bathroom, she looked at me cheerfully and went to her room to change clothes, leaving me on the move that things should be removed after themselves.
I rushed headlong into the bathroom.
The first thing that caught my eye was a folded bra that was neatly lying on my shelf.
I sat down and wondered what to come up with for Lena in my defense.
So I spent about 10 minutes.
Then he decided that be what would happen, and took the bra went to his room.
And again I experienced a little shock.
The dress I threw on the bed was also neatly folded and hung on a chair.

I stood as a pillar.
Out of stupor, I was brought out by the voice of Lena, who cheerfully asked me to have dinner.
Lena prepared a festive dinner, put two glasses and a bottle of wine.
I said that it would be better to drink vodka, but Lena looked at me sternly and said that today is her holiday and she announces a “women’s” day in the family.
And women drink wine, not vodka.
I said that I am not a woman.
Lena smiled and said that it was for the time being, and since I was at home and doing women’s household chores, we can do this to celebrate the family “women’s day” today.
I had to agree.
After drinking a few glasses of wine, we went to the bedroom.
On the bed, Lena took the initiative in her hands and began to caress me with her tongue all over her body, paying special attention to my chest. purple bitch s bio and free webcam
I was a little ashamed, t.
on the body were clearly visible traces of wearing a bra.

I hoped that Lena was drunk and would not notice.
I was excited and didn’t pay attention that Lena was carefully holding the tongue in the footsteps of her bra, while she gently stroked and creased my plump breasts.
Then she switched to my ass and casually touched my hole.
I flinched, but did not withdraw her hand.
She began to gently massage my hole and gently penetrate it with her finger.
I felt an excitement build up in me, and did not oppose it.
Lena continued to caress me with her tongue and hands, while one hand stroked my stiffened chest, and the finger of the other hand gently continued to penetrate my virgin hole.
Member already stood rooted to the spot.
Lena continued, and at a certain moment turned me onto my stomach and asked me to kneel down.
I obeyed, and she already completely thrust her finger into my ass.
She began to make circular motions and several times touched my penis.

I was ready to finish at any moment, but she did not let me do this, but continued to caress my hole.
And suddenly I was very pleased and I, unexpectedly, stormed rapidly.
Helen laughed and said: – How quickly my girl finished on the “woman” day.
I was embarrassed because I did not expect such a thing from myself and never experienced such an orgasm.
But I finished not touching the member, m.
I finished “as a woman” – I thought.
Helen gently kissed me, and we happy fell asleep.
The next day I woke up when Lena had already left for work.
I went into the kitchen and read the note: “Honey, please prepare yourself today.
Then take a shower and tidy up a bit in the rooms.
I prepared the clothes for you. ”
I was a little surprised that she addressed me as a female, but did not attach much importance to this.
Chilling, I went to shave.
Going into the bathroom, immediately drew attention to the bra, which was lying on my shelf, next to it was lipstick and carcasses for eyelashes.

It all looked as if Lena had simply forgotten to remove them.
In the kitchen, an apron hung neatly on a chair.
I was a little worried, put on a bra, put on my lips and put on a wide T-shirt and aprons.
So I went through the whole day.
Before Lena came, I wanted to change clothes, but she came earlier, and I did not have time.
So I met her in a bra and an apron.
I had a wide T-shirt, and I hoped that Lena would not notice my bra.
In the meantime, she will change clothes, I have time to take it off.
Lena came in the mood.
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