roksana bongacams Andrew turned out to be a passionate lover, ready to fulfill any of my desires.
At first, he was not sure of himself, but this quickly passed.
When we made love for the first time, he, having received an orgasm, it would seem, was not going to continue the love game.
To my question about the continuation, embarrassed, he said that he could hardly have more + He was quite tense, and then I took the initiative.

Having calmed him by the fact that the love game is not only sexual intercourse itself, but also tenderness, kisses, mutual affection, I said that he could do a lot for me without the participation of the penis.
I kissed him, gently touching her hands, lightly pressed her breasts to the naked body.
Gradually, my caresses became more passionate, and soon he no longer remembered that he could no more.
His penis was filled with new force, he was ready to continue, but I inflamed him with my hands and lips more and more, not allowing me to take myself.

Then I knocked him on his back, sat on top and introduced a member.
What started here! He was literally mad.
Very mobile in the hips, he moved as if he wanted to pierce me in the throat, while my clitoris received strong stimulation from friction over his pubic hair, and it drove me crazy.
She took his hand, and, licking her fingers, sent them to my anus.
He liked how I react to such affection, and soon his finger was already moving inside the anus, repeating the movements of the penis into the vagina. roksana bongacams
After a few minutes of this crazy race, we both exploded with orgasms, and I literally collapsed from sweet impotence.
We met again, Andrew enjoyed studying and learning new sex games.
Once I asked if he had ever had anal sex.
As I expected, the answer was negative, and he immediately became very interested in the opportunity to experience the unexplored pleasure.
I left him in the room alone, to rest and gain strength, and while she went to the bathroom.

When I returned, I saw in his eyes impatience, curiosity and a little fear at the same time.
Having asked him not to hurry, I slowly began to kiss and caress him, gradually turned my back to him, rubbed about his almost smoking penis with her ass.
Then I, smearing it with saliva, leaned his head against my anus, slightly directed, and.
Wild pain pierced my whole body right up to the brain! He could not stand it, and literally burst into my anus, not yet ready for such an attack.
I screamed and broke out of his arms.
He was scared, asked for forgiveness and promised not to hurt me anymore.
Gradually, the pain went away, and we continued to make love.
I was on my knees, putting my hands on the pillow, he was behind my back.
This time he was very careful, moving slowly, gradually, with each new movement, penetrating deeper and deeper.
Soon, I had already forgotten about the discomfort and completely switched to pleasure.

Holding me, he twisted his hips again, moving like in a dance, his scrotum rubbed on my labia, pubic hair pleasantly tickled her ass.
He gently squeezed my chest with his hand, and moved faster and faster.
Everything was swimming before my eyes, my body was exhausted, the sweet sensations were growing stronger.
Relying on one hand, the other I began to caress my clitoris.
The groans of my partner had already turned into screams, the sweet wave seized me, and I, screaming, finished as hard as I had ever before.
The muscles of the vagina were greatly reduced, but due to the fact that this time they were not touched, the wave of sensations not only did not subside, but quickly went on increasing.
roksana bongacams