sex cam to cam roulette “I was a fool, and I also argued,” the girl threw up her hands, acknowledged her defeat, but almost immediately decided that she shouldn’t disappear as well.
– My middle name, charm and courtesy, – Vadim diligently behaved, as if he did not win at all, that the girl was also nice.
– Wine? he asked, pointing to the bottle.
“Come on,” Natasha readily agreed, one hundred grams of good wine for meat did not harm anyone.

“Let me tell you a story,” Vadim, between eating pieces of meat, brightened the silence with conversations, “they left me once instead of the director for two days.”
Natasha looked up with interest, and before he continued, she drank from a glass, which Vadim quickly filled again.
“So,” he returned to history, “I stayed on the farm, and our director was Mr. Webcam young girl anal. Avers, and, out of habit, everyone turned to me Vadim Sergeyevich.
My joke was when I went to the girls from marketing, and give one of them papers with a signature.
-Now, you saw how I punished Valka.

You all know how I can and I can punish, and more than once have experienced it the hard way.
Slave lucky today, I’m a little tired, so she got only a third of what I planned for her.
I warn everyone, you should treat your duties better, not for a moment forgetting that the purpose of your life is to give the maximum pleasure to your Lady.
Mrs. mac webcam app Elena will live here for a while; you must obey her like me and do what she tells you.
You must fulfill any, even the slightest whim, Mrs. Fleamx webcam show. Helena.
Now she will also show you how she can punish disobedient slaves.
Elena got up from the couch and walked over to the kneeling Masha.
From the habit of standing on such a rug, the slave’s back was numb and her knees hurt badly. teen pregnant webcam
She was ready for any punishment, just to quickly get out of this terrible rug.
Mrs. took the slave by the hair and lifted to her feet, telling her to bend over in the back and lean against the wall.

Elena came right up behind the slave, and began to stroke her ass with her hands.
She combined stroking and pinching on a bare ass, with blows on it.
Gradually, she stopped stroking, and began striking her slave ass with bare hands.
Squatting down in front of Mashka, Elena began to put one, then several fingers into her vagina.
She tried, thrust her fingers as deep as possible, and made them forward movements.
With one hand, the Mistress jerked off a slave, the other, beat her.
Slave from the caress of the Lady began to flow.
Pulling wet fingers out of the slave’s vagina, Mistress put them in her mouth, making them lick the grease on them.
After the slave cleared the fingers of the Lady, Lena told Natasha to turn off the electric device from the table.
She secured four suckers, from which the wires departed: two on the back of the thigh, two on the back of the tibia.
Having ordered Dasha to give her a chair, the Mistress sat on him, turned on the device and began to turn the toggle switch, periodically, adding, then reducing the tension that went from the device to the body of the slave.

The current was not very big, but tangible.
This torture could not bring much harm to health, but it brought unpleasant sensations.
When more current was applied, the body of the slave shook, she was all trembling and moaning.
It was impossible to tolerate this torture silently.
Lena ordered the slave to stand up, turn around to face her and put her hands behind her back.
Turning the switch to full power, she sat on a chair and looked at the slave standing in front of her, who jerked from electric shocks and screamed.
Her moans and cries excited the Lady very much.
Having finished with this torture, Mrs. ordered Natasha to unhook the suction cups with wires from the slave and put the device back in place.
She herself went to the table and took the stun gun.
It was not an ordinary stun gun, but rather a stun device.
It was similar in shape to the electric igniter that was used to light a gas stove, but it differed in both current strength and technical characteristics.

On the handle of the device there was a button; when pressed, when the device came into contact with the body, a noticeable discharge of current came out of it.
Mrs. went to the slave, told them to lower their hands and set them apart.
With a stun gun, she drove all over Masha’s body and beat her body with current discharges.
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