sex in bus hidden cam He smeared around, rubbed the ointment into the closed ring of the anus.
Removed a finger.
With relief, Sasha thought it was over.
However, after a couple of seconds, I again felt a touch of ointment.

– Relax.
Come on, don’t pinch.
I have to lubricate the inside.
Sasha stopped compressing the anus, but he could not relax completely, and when his finger tried to get inside, he ran into complete resistance.
The doctor was getting angry.
– I told you what, young man? Well, relax.
It will hurt.
– I’m trying to.
I can not.
– Okay.
– The doctor sighed and removed his finger.
– Fart.
– What?! I do not want.
– Well, push yourself, imagine that you need to poop. cute blonde teen webcam
Sasha was surprised, but began to diligently push.
At that moment, the doctor’s finger instantly penetrated his rectum.
Sensing this, Sasha again shrank and leaned his pelvis forward, at the same time pushing out a persistent finger, and trying to slide from it.
However, the doctor firmly held him by the shoulders, continuing to lubricate the insides.
– Hush, hush, do not twitch: then it will be easier for you later.
Probably it hurts butt, eh? Well, that’s the same thing.
Suffer, young man, endure.
Now we will grease you there, it will heal.
The doctor sentenced, soothing Sasha, until he finished.
– Well, that’s all, young man.
– The doctor took out his finger slowly and smoothly, to top it off, once again massaged the anus outside and began to tighten the gloves.
– Get dressed.
Sasha began to dress hastily.
Meanwhile, the doctor washed his hands, sat down at the table, and again began to write something.
– From today, in the morning and in the evening you will do an enema, then insert a candle – this is the recipe. sex in bus hidden cam