sex in office caught on camera Lena, by the way, learned to swallow my head a long time ago, suppressed her gagging urges, and she herself was turned on by the achievements of her mouth in this field.
After she began to cope with my dick quite easily, she sometimes experimented with various larger objects.
The most that she tried, it was a decent size eggplant.
Probably, he was close in thickness to the member of Ashot.

But there she spent about 15 minutes trying it on from different angles, until she found the perfect path for him.
On the other hand, the zeal with which she tried to please Ashot could not be compared with the indulgence with vegetables.
In the end, she removed Ashot’s hands from her head, and asked to let her try to do everything herself.
It was like preparing an athlete for the championship leap at the Olympics.
She caught her breath, moved her lower jaw, kneading it.
She opened her mouth wide and began to crawl to her dick.
It was evident that the fat head again rested against her throat, as she tried to push through her, with an effort of lowering her head down.

As they say, athletes – the record is not resigned.
She raised her head, throat slime stretched to her cock. take picture through webcam
Tears flowed from my eyes.
But apparently she already felt that she had almost succeeded.
In a hoarse voice, she said: “Now it will work out, only you need to kneel.”
Ashot knelt before her, glancing with interest at her.
Lena once again caught her breath, squeezed Ashot’s head with her hand, in order to reduce her size for a while, clutched the base of his penis, and quickly pulled herself up to her throat, then closed her eyes and swallowed his head, immediately absorbing half the length of its trunk.
There is still Vaha, who has not ceased to torture her pussy on the other side all this time, pushed Lena towards Ashot.
In Lena was almost all of his very long member.
Lena slowly began to release him from his mouth.
He came out almost with the same difficulty as he went inside.
Lena was scared to watch.
Tears of their eyes, smeared mascara, saliva hanging from the chin to the floor, and at the same time triumphant facial expression.

It was evident that she was proud of this personal record.
Immediately she decided to consolidate the success, and once again introduced his penis into his throat.
I was surprised to see that now she did it without much effort.
Either she solved some secret of swallowing such giants, or simply her throat was stretched.
Or maybe a bit of everything.
After she had swallowed him the third time, Ashot, who had not stood still before moving, began to gradually give in to his pelvis.
Bliss was written on his face, from the head of Lena’s narrow throat.
It took quite a bit of time, when suddenly his movements became sharper, it was evident that he was holding back so as not to plant Lena’s head to the ground.
sex in office caught on camera