webcam body After drinking it all, she stopped and pulled her mouth from the member.
Hands continued gentle massage.
Suck more or take a break? We’ll take rest, – I barely exhaled.
– It was just wonderful.

I agree, – she nodded with a happy smile.
– Now, only I’ll run to the toilet, otherwise we drank beer, of course, not weakly.
All this time suffered.
But you know, the sensations were awesome.
She kissed my dick and jumped off the couch.
I grabbed her arm.
Yes? You.
when did you finish the last time?
you wrote a little bit.
Damn it! – she covered her mouth with her hand.
– Sorry.
No, no, on the contrary.
I really liked it. tube sex webcam
won’t you go to the toilet? Sveta climbed back onto the couch.
Do you want to drink my urine? She asked, looking into my eyes.
Really want to.
but I never did that.
So do it.
She knelt over my head, her bosom hanging over me.
I raised myself up, put my mouth close to her pussy and opened my mouth.
She wrapped her hand around my head, supporting her.
A few timid drops hit my chest, then a thin trickle flowed into my mouth, and then a real fountain splashed out! Choking, I drank her clear urine, trying not to spill a drop.
She was awesome delicious.
Sveta happily smiled.
The member began to harden again.
Urine flowed and flowed, I barely had time to swallow it.
It was delicious! She gave me her urine! Separate splashes fell on my face and chest.
Gradually, the flow of urine began to weaken.
Swallowing the last drop, I began to lick the remnants of her hair.
Her hand instantly weakened, Sveta closed her eyes. webcam body