webcam buy uk I felt her taste in the mouth, my whole pussy was wet from my discharge and male sperm.
Sprawling, happy guys were sitting on the couch.
They were without pants, but it was evident that they did not worry about it at all.
I wanted to get dressed, but Misha said: -Natasha, do not strain yourself, sit on a chair, here it is- And he pushed a chair for me.

– Why do you want to get dressed, stay like that.
After all, we are so pleased to look at you.
And I sat down, I only had stockings and boots.
-That is a good girl.
Take a glass, let’s drink, sit, talk, and then continue.
You do not mind? “No,” I said.
-Here and clever.
We drank, then another.
The guys began to wind up.
I was asked to spread my legs as wide as possible and show them pussy.
When I opened my lips with my hands, they began to jerk their limbs.
Suddenly Lyosha said: “Men, did I remove the damn fuck?” Those nodded with pleasure.
Then he got up, walked over to my side and rudely took me by the hair.
– I think you like it when they treat you like a whore?

If not, I’m sorry, let’s finish the topic.
By that time I started again, so I just nodded and kissed his hand.
-Look, guys, but she really drags on it.
Cool chick.
She is also married, so the husband probably doesn’t go through the door, the horns interfere.
Sits probably at home waiting for, when you come supposedly from a friend and not in the spirit does not know anything.
It is so? -No not like this.
And I told them that you know everything, and now you know with whom I am waiting for me.
They did not believe at first, and then, when I said that you listened to us on the mobile, they were stunned. webcam buy uk
Further I will again tell from myself.
Suddenly the phone rang.
-Yes darling.
Is that Sergey? – There was a male voice in the pipe.
– Natasha, is your wife really? -Yes, what’s the matter.
-Yes, nothing, except that I’m fucking her with my friends now.
You don’t mind, do you? She told us herself.
-She is fine? Give her the phone.
I heard the drunken voice of my wife.

Yes, dear, it’s okay.
Nobody offends me here.
You do not mind? Again there was a male voice.
-Look, are you really dragging now? -Yes- Listen, your slut is sucking my friend’s cock now, do you mind? -No, I said, feeling how this situation began to turn me on.
-And you will not mind if your little wife lick us one by one eggs? -Let lick.
“Whore, you heard your husband told you to lick our eggs.”
Come on, lick, like this, good girl.
For some time only rustling and mooing were heard in the receiver.
Then again a male voice rang out -Hear you, man! Tell your wife to lick me a point.
I’ll turn on the speakerphone now so that she is not distracted by talking to you.
And here I am in a hoarse voice, my mouth is all dry, said: -Nat, lick him ass.
– Have you heard a whore that your husband ordered you? Come on, come on, lick me a point! That’s it, class.
Come on, deeper, deeper, work the language.
Well done! Guys, this is just a buzz! And now, boys, come on, do not relax, otherwise your husband will be unhappy.

Do I have to say that at this moment my dick just stood on end, and I was afraid to just touch him, because I felt that at the slightest touch of him, I would end.
I imagined how my Nata with her manicured fingers spreads the male ass, and with her gentle tongue licks a man’s hairy point.
I must say that my dear one needs to be very strongly aroused, and even water so that she can do this.
Especially, when two more men next openly gaze at this outrage and wait for their turn to get their portion of pleasures.
In short, I could not bear it for a long time and discharged with a powerful jet.
For some time I was sitting in a kind of prostration, then, waking up, poured myself a good portion of cognac, drank it in one gulp and decided to turn off the phone, t.
I needed some time to recover and re-perceive what was happening as needed.
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