when did glen campbell pass away “Look at this beautiful flower.”
It is as clean and fresh as your skin.
He has such velvet petals that, touching them, I recall the rare touches that you allowed me, during our acquaintance, – Sergey ran a flower over Irina’s open clavicles, pushing the edge of her blouse to touch her chest.
She laughed.

– That’s what I was more experienced girlfriends warned.
Do not believe, they say to the peasants, so that they do not tell you.
Deceived, circled around the finger.
They have one goal – to get to your innocent body.
“They are all bursting,” Sergey threw the flower aside and kissed her exposed breast.
– Do not you believe them.
Just listen to me.
“If you listen to you, you will really believe that you touched me only twice from our arrival,” she laughed loudly.
During this time, Lena left them about ten meters.
They added step, catching up.
– And here is the first test, – said Sergey.
Ahead, on their side of the street, a couple appeared.

A man with a very strict lady.
The lady had ardently interpreted something to her companion, probably to her husband, judging by how noticeably he shivered at her words.
Seeing how Lena is dressed, the lady pouted with indignation.
It seemed that she was going to burst.
The peasant, on the contrary, was sharply stupid, smiled.
The lady painfully shoved him with her elbow in the side, he even doubled over in pain, and, grasping her hand, pulled her away.
When they swept by, Sergei heard – how shameless! Outrageous Mind is not comprehensible! Irina silently laughed, looking at this comical couple. when did glen campbell pass away
“I think she will finish eating the muzhik today completely,” she even had tears of laughter.
As soon as this couple passed, another one appeared from the alley.
The guy with the girl.
These went on, noticing anything around.
Sergey and Irina almost caught up with Lena, reducing the distance to five steps.
– Go, tell her, let him turn left, ahead of a busy street, we do not need it, – Sergey turned to Irina.
– Maybe you say it yourself.

At the same time and look at the girl.
Want to? – Come on, go already, pin up, here.
I want to look at you, – he slapped her ass.
Irina took two steps forward, and lifted her skirt up, showing her bare ass to her brother.
He twisted his ass in front of him a couple of times.
Having told my daughter where to turn, she returned to Sergey, beaming, from her antics.
– Well done! – He appreciated her instant striptease.
They turned the corner.
The street ahead was lit by only two lanterns.
Sergey embraced Irina and put his hand on his pubis, lifting up his short skirt.
Suddenly, Lena looked around, but when she saw how Sergei hugs Irina, she quickly turned away.
“You see how tactful she is,” Irina whispered, becoming excited.
Sergey fingered her lips with her lips under her skirt.
Lena got into the circle of light from the lantern.
Towards, from the shadows, a boy appeared, a teenager, with headphones in his ears.

Noticing Lena, he even stopped, his mouth parted, greedily glancing at the girl’s body.
Sergey imagined what he sees now.
A black see-through turtleneck completely bared a small chest.
org) Low shorts, close-fitting, emphasized the contour of the pubis is not surprising mouth open! Lena, having stumbled upon his glance, seemed to have stumbled, but gathered herself in spirit, and proudly, without noticing him, passed by.
The kid stared stupidly after.
Having reached him, Sergey grunted to him: “Pick up the jaw, knocking on the asphalt”.
Only then did he go on.
– Have you seen how he looked at her, already drooling saliva? – Irina pressed her hips to her brother.
when did glen campbell pass away