www sex cam First, bitch, you will wash yourself, and then, bring me what you, the creature, fear most.
And God forbid, Grandma, you forget something! Went, stupid creature! – A man, with a swing, kicked his mother, on a soft, drooping ass.
By surprise, the old woman flew to the floor, but even stunned, quickly turned over on her back and, raising her legs, bent them in her knees and spread them to the sides.
– Well, at least something you, whore, learned.

– A man went to his mother lying on the floor, slowly, took off his pants, and sat down on her chest, began to urinate in her wide open mouth.
As soon as the Boss rose from her, the old woman rose from the floor and, sobbing, went to the bathroom.
Half an hour later, an elderly woman entered the room and stood in front of the Boss, holding a metal tray with objects laid out on it.

A man approached his victim.
– Come on, slut, tell me what you, the creature, brought, and what it is intended for. www sex cam
I’m listening to! – He sat down in a chair and lit a cigarette.
“This, pump,” the old woman began in a shaky voice: “she is to pull off my clitoris and nipples; this is the noose, to strangle and hang me; this, the causative agent, from him, I become a lustful bitch; this, a set of needles to stick into me; this, an awl, to pierce my useless flesh; this, a scooper, to punish me; and this, a stun gun, to beat me, stupid brute, with a current.
– Okay, bitch, go, prepare everything for punishment, and I will see.
An elderly woman, in front of her son, took off her panties and left the room.
The old woman brought a stepladder and, putting it so that the Master saw everything, climbed on it.

Through the rings fixed on the ceiling, she first pierced the loop, and then, with difficulty, lifting it over her head, hooked the block with a thick rope, at the end of which a hook was fixed.
When the elderly woman came down from the stairs, the executioner approached her and, taking a hook in her hands, threw the rings from his victim’s wrist straps on him.
Grabbing the rope, the man pulled her, the old woman’s hands went up.
Ignoring the moans of the victim, the executioner began to pull the rope.
He stopped only when an elderly woman hung helplessly, her legs did not reach the floor, thirty centimeters.
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