xvideos black webcam On that day, when they met, Masha met a girl who lived not far from my house and sat down at her place.
She told about her father this way: Her birth father was an alcoholic, according to her mother and stepfather, and her mother went after him when she was about five years old.
She never saw him again.
Mother did everything to keep her father away from her daughter.

Already with the new husband, they moved to a new home, without leaving the address to their former neighbors, so that they in turn did not transfer the Machine Father.
Where is he, Masha does not know, and she, as it were, is not interested in knowing where the father is an alcoholic! Every day I came to her house and waited for my “Mermaid” to appear from the entrance.
Having met, we took each other’s hands and went for a walk around the city! So every day! Once I was sitting in my yard.
Not far from me were men, and drank vodka! One of them told his life story.
We lived well with her.

After Afgan, they threw me another star, they began to pay more.
They lived not bad, apartment, furniture, daughter Masha.
So this bitch has contacted the cop! At first there were threats in my direction, and then this menyar just planted me for fifteen days, each time coming up with an offense for me.
Well, and then they dazzled my article and sent me to the tales.
I spent three years: I came, and nobody lives there.
Where do not thrust.
nobody knows where my ex and my daughter live Mashunya: Here, I started drinking and what? And nothing.
I lost the men: With these words, the man knocked another portion of vodka into his mouth.
Hearing this: I have all turned cold! Yes, yes this is my little mermaid father !!!! I went to a drunken company.
Uncle, and uncle.
can i have a few words One of the men said: “We don’t pour the youngsters.
Yes, I do not need your vodka. Indian homemade hidden cam sex. I said: I just need to say a few words to this uncle. xvideos black webcam
Mashkin’s father stood up and told me.

Well, let’s go, what do you say to me there: We moved aside.
Uncle, do you want to see your daughter? As it seemed to me, the peasant’s eyes widened.
Come on.
Bazaar I heard and decided to earn a hundred grams.
Go kid, until I gave you the neck! Your name, I asked: Nikolai, the man replied to me.
Uncle Kohl: Be sober tomorrow at 19 o’clock and I will bring your Masha to you.
I will bring here, I am responsible for my market, I’m not lying, I will bring: Uncle Kolya was taken aback and sat down on the ground, wait a kid, something is somehow not good for me: He unbuttoned the collar of his shirt, threw back his head and began to speak.
You see, boy, I haven’t seen Masha, my daughter for eleven years, and suddenly you are like thunder from the sky.
When I was imprisoned, I said goodbye to Mashka.
she kissed me: I clung to me, I remember, so lukewarm, with my little muscled little hands leading and sentencing.
Do not cry dad, I will not leave you! You believe the boy, these words in my head still sound in my head, in Mashka’s eyes, I can never forget.

After all, when mine with this cop slutty, Masha and I sat at home, cooked, washed.
Masha, at least she was small, but she loved to help me.
Everything commanded me like an old woman: She was pulling the mop out of her hands, she taught me to wash the floors.
Probably already become a big, and the kid? Tomorrow, tomorrow uncle, Kohl.
See for yourself.
Only you do not drink more! All the boy, I’ll go right now, oklemasya and tomorrow I will be like a cucumber! The next day I invited Masha to go for a walk in my area, as if hinting at the surprise that awaits her.
We stopped on my street not far from the bench where the drunks were sitting yesterday, I saw Mashinov’s sitting father.
He was clean-shaven, dressed cleanly, if not in a chic suit, but perfectly acceptable, in order to meet his daughter.
Masha, Masha: Now I will show you your father and it is up to you to decide whether to see him or not.
But first, listen to me, and then do what you want.

I told Masha everything, about what I had heard from Masha’s father, when he told about his fate and did not even forget to remind about the mop.
Masha was pale, her lips were quivering! She began to cry, buried in my chest.
I stroked her head as best I could, began to reassure her.
Mash, you do not cry, you just think what it was like your father to be separated from you.
After all, he loves you very much.
Masha raised tears in her eyes, they looked at me in confidence.
She turned to where her father was just sitting.
And Masha’s father saw everything and realized that his daughter did not want to go to him.
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