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that is, this ghost, in contrast to the ordinary, does not seek to kill anyone and is not at all dangerous to health.
And no matter how much we asked Christina, what was the trick with this ghost woman, she didn’t inject anything.
All questions were answered with a mysterious smile that we ourselves will know everything.

Well, and we, in the end, decided that it was really more interesting to find out for ourselves, and began to get ready to go.
Charges and the road to the hotel did not leave any vivid notes in our memory, so I miss it in my story.
With much more interest, I am ready to tell what was waiting for us at the site, which we found even through the Internet with difficulty.
“Oasis” – this is exactly what our temporary shelter was called – turned out to be a large three-story wooden building, probably built back in the days when my grandmother was just learning to tie a pioneer tie.

Time did not spare either the log cabin, from which the hotel was folded, or the surrounding garden, nor rotten, and in some places collapsed, the fence around the gloomy building.
And only the sign, where the blue letters on a yellow background were displayed the name of this architectural “monument” looked more or less fresh.
The path to the front door, lined with tiles, was overgrown with weeds, and the tiles themselves mostly went to the ground – on the way to the porch in the legs, as if by itself, weed and a burdock climbed. mature milf webcam tube
In general, the best first impression was received by us! In the hotel itself, we were met by an elderly woman – the owner and manager of the hotel.
Lydia Semyonovna – this was the name of this lovely old lady – took us as if she were relatives: she showed us our room right away and helped us to get settled, pointed the cook (an older woman a bit younger than herself) to cook us dinner and then started driving us around the building, telling a variety of entertaining about Oasis stories.

There were many stories.
To my surprise, she told a little about the ghost, supposedly dwelling within these walls.
Her story, however, did not bring new information – Christine knew as much, if not more, about this house.
Julia and I, however, were grateful listeners.
After a delicious, home-cooked dinner, we returned to our room.
Now was enough time to look around.
The room consisted of a spacious bedroom with a huge double bed (in front of which hung a mirror to the height of a person, which was clearly the same age as the house), an old wardrobe, a round coffee table, an ancient TV and a huge window curtained with heavy silk curtains, ancient paintings in gilded walls hung on the walls rims; a large bathroom (while the bath itself was the size of a decent jacuzzi, which looked very unusual in this building of the 40s) and a spacious open balcony, on which there were two rocking chairs.
Our room was located on the third floor and therefore from the window we could observe not only the trees surrounding the hotel, but also meadows and fields in the distance on the hills, almost on the border of view there was a village, several roads along which tiny cars moved back and forth. .

In general, we liked the number.
The evening was coming, it was getting dark.
Julia and I walked around the hotel, fed the squirrels, watched the fox moving a few hundred meters away from the building (we were pleasantly surprised by the fearlessness of the local living creatures in relation to people).
Breathed in the fresh air and aromas of the summer forest, got tired and decided to return to the hotel.
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