camshaft synchronizer assembly I turned her to the left, then to the right side, then again continued to fuck her in the missionary position.
Finally, I felt the approach of that sweet moment, when an orgasm comes, trying to delay it, and stick my dick in Elka again and again in her wonderful snatch and continue to fuck, fuck.
However, the long-awaited moment came, despite my efforts to delay it, and I, issuing a loud cry of pleasure, discharged into my girlfriend with a portion of selective sperm, filling it with the entire vagina.
Elka, a rare case, seemed to finish at the same time as me, also giving out a color screech from pleasure.

We just banged and flattened by ecstasy and delight.
Wet, sweaty, satisfied with each other, we are exhausted continued to stupidly squeeze each other.
I took out my not yet had time to limp the dick out of her and Elka, taking him at once with my tender fingers, did not fail to taste it.
Oh, how great it was! It was felt that it was a novelty for her, but she began to suck it with such enthusiasm, so penetratingly that I almost finished it right in my mouth again, good, there was nothing for now.

Nevertheless, as Elechka continued to use her tongue to caress the object of lust, the latter began to slowly return to combat form.
Elke had to finish a pleasant (and for me too) lesson, and without pausing, I entered it again and began to fuck again, but at a more measured pace, with alignment.
She continued to squirm beneath me, screaming, calling “oh, Mommy.
”, Almost swore! I just continued methodically to fuck my blond beast, enjoying myself and delighting in turn and her too.
So it took another thirty minutes, Iya finished it again, not so violently, but still.
we were pleased
We still lay in bed for several hours, rested, kissed, drank wine, and then fucked again.
By the evening, when it began to get dark, maddened by this sexual marathon, we slowly got dressed, drank more and, having smoked good-bye, parted, having agreed, of course, about a new meeting. beauty webcam tube
And this meeting took place, but.
about her somehow next time.
Doctor: Next! (It came from the office) Patient: Hello!

Doctor: Hello, girl.
I saw a young girl in a short dress that showed all her seductive forms but did not expose them explicitly, but gave only a distant idea.
Her hair was curled into curls that gave her a flawless look, almost shining with divine light.
Come sit down! Well, why did you come to the therapist’s office? What worries you? I said in a serious voice as befits a doctor)) Patient: oh, and this is a therapist? I made a mistake with my office, I need a gynecologist! Doctor: Unfortunately, in our small hospital I work for 2 rates.
Therapist and gynecologist.
Now, on a schedule, I accept as a therapist since you have already been in the line, I think it will be fair to accept you and as a gynecologist)) What bothers you? Patient: yes? Actually, I need a qualified doctor, and in your hospital, apparently, even the instruments are not sterilized! Doctor: What are you saying! I graduated with honors! Defended two doctoral dissertations! And do not worry about sterilization! (I went over to something covered, tidied up the covers, there were instruments in sterile-closed tanks with quartz treatment and silver ionization) You see this modern equipment for the benefit of human health.

We have everything sterile and professional! Patient: oh well, so wound up! Do you still work as a mammologist? Doctor: No.
But I am studying in this specialty.
There are also few such specialists.
Well duck that bothers you.
I look at the card.
Varvara Alexandrovna? ??Patient: Yes, you know the doctor, I need you to examine me.
Recently, I have experienced irritation and dryness during sexual intercourse, as well as pain when entering the penis to the end, before this has not happened.
I was advised to you as a competent specialist.
Doctor: Well, undress and settle down in this cozy armchair)) Patient: I unzip the skirt from behind, and the skirt remained in my hands, putting my hands on my hip, I pulled my panties to the bottom, one leg, the second and I was already standing in front of the doctor in one beacon, swaying slightly, I walk up to the chair, lie down, throw my legs and relax. Sex hidden cam japanese. Doctor: Well then.
Let’s look what you have there.
Standing at the sink I said, took the gloves.

And I went to the decomposed girl) I have seen many in this chair, but this girl.
it was as if I had been shocked when I saw her for the first time, and now I will see her charms.
No, wait, I’m a qualified doctor, she’s my patient.
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