hard rock webcam It was dusty here, some kind of construction rubbish was lying around, but it didn’t smell like a public toilet, as it happens in such corners in residential areas.
– Try there better, otherwise you will have to pay him extra with a zhopka! Zhenya accompanied parting slap on the ass.
Without this I understood that it was better to get off with a blowjob, because otherwise I would have to pay extra in another way.
– Show your manden! The driver had almost no emphasis.

I lifted my skirt and spread my legs.
Crotch and thighs glistened with sperm and secretions.
– Fucked today? Caucasian kneaded his dick through shorts.
I nodded.
– Jerry yourself! I did not have to beg for a long time, I was already flowing.
But what is it, they treat me like the last whore, and I flow like a tap.
Under his gaze, I began to pull at my lips, put my finger inside, smooth the clitoris.
In order not to see his lustful gaze, she closed her eyes, so she screamed in surprise when he dropped me on her knees.
His lips poked his cock.
– Mmmm, no! I twisted! – Chito is? – Condom! – I do not have! – I have! – Here and wear! I put a gum on his penis and rolled it, after which I took it in my mouth.
I stroked and smoked his hairy ass with one hand, then with the other I squeezed the penis at the base to control the depth of entry, then I stroked my testicles.

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Five minutes later, he wheezed, breathing hard, which foreshadowed a quick orgasm.
And after another 15 seconds he pulled out.
I pulled my cock out of my mouth, pulled the condom off of it, twisted it twice, and finished off my whole face.
I barely had time to close my eyes so that she did not get in my eyes.
Having opened them, I saw that I was taken to a mobile phone.
– Drochi He smiled, continuing to shoot.
I did not have to beg for a long time, and I began to pull at a pea of ​​my clitoris, and three minutes had not passed before a wave of orgasm covered me.
When I opened my eyes, the driver was already smoking a cigarette.
I wanted to wipe my face, but he forbade me.
– You will show your hosts, you will boast.
Let’s go.
In the tinted rear window of the car, I was able to see my reflection.
Mom dear! He did not finish half a year? I was all smudged.
Droplets hung in her hair, glistened on her face, and already ran down her cheeks to the topic.
– Well, beautiful! Do not dry, wash at home! Well, now you look like a real slut! Zhenya amused my appearance.
Until the end of the path I was left alone, and even contrary to my fears, I did not catch anyone’s eye in Zhenya’s courtyard.
Eldar went to his house, and Eugene drove me to the bathroom.
– Get on your knees, whore!

Right in his clothes, really covered with unambiguous spots, he urinated on me.
– This is to know your place! He said and sent me a stream of shower.
I washed off with joy, there was no enjoyment in the “golden soul”.
Urine smelled sharply and was nasty-warm.
– Undress, hang out to dry on the balcony clothes.
Dropping me once more, he threw a shower at me.
– Take a good shower, then smear your holes with this cream, heal faster, and go out.
You have 10 minutes! In ten minutes.
I am clean and naked, standing in front of his master.
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