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fate considered otherwise.
After loud showdowns and liters of shed tears, we decided to run up.
Another event was undoubtedly my adventures that night.

Extremely unusual for me, it should be noted.
There was, of course, a time when I lay at home, staring at porn, and imagined that we were with a couple of fucking acrobats, but the idea of ​​doing all this in Java seemed somewhat wild to me.
Not only that, to fuck the girl without special preludes and preliminary courtship.
To hell with him in an apartment full of people.
But oral sex, especially with such a sexy girl, seemed to me out of reach.
Thus, my unfortunate brain got into the most unpleasant situation, except Odyssey, who was familiar.
Between Scylla and Charybdis.
Between pride and grief.
Between sorrow and vice.
I did not know what to do now.
On the one hand, I am an abandoned lover, whose heart is broken and the psyche is undermined.
On the other – I’ve peppers, who baked a busty maiden 24 hours ago.
Therefore, I acted banally, as the most ordinary young man of the 21st century – got into the Internet.
There has already opened a bunch of all meaningless and useless links, hammering his head with unnecessary information.
Thumbing through the sites, I went to my page in classmates and found it there.

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My mistress last night.
She put a rather vulgar picture on the avatar – she was lying naked in bed, and the thin material of the duvet cover covered her delicious figure.
I suddenly shuddered and shots of last night.
But I did not have time to see her charms in the dark.
Perhaps this photo has changed something in my worldview.
I glanced at the rest of the page: free porn, what girls want, Maxim men’s magazine, dating site for single or abandoned hearts, a girl threw you and you want to do something with yourself?!.
Then I looked at the half-naked bitch on Dasha’s avatar.
Next to the photo, her status shone: “I sit.
I’m stupid.
Waiting for you! Where are you? ”There was a fleeting, but very reasonable question:“ What the fuck am I sitting here and downloading free porn?! ”The next moment the monitor went out, and I was already in the shower.
A little more time passed, and I, dressed in my favorite jeans, red sweatshirt and leather jacket, went down the stairs.
Today I was already absolutely sober.
My brain was clear.
And I knew what I wanted.
I no longer remembered her house number or apartment number.
But my legs still remembered the road, and my fingers – the necessary keys on the intercom.
Now it seemed that a whole life (and even more) had passed since I taught her to kiss.

I already could not believe that it once happened.
Like a long-forgotten dream.
Then we were completely different.
Less than half an hour, and I already stood at her door.
My fingers didn’t even have to type numbers on the panel – the door was open.
I flew into the porch.
In two steps I flew over the ladder and pressed the bell button.
(Even the sound was the same) Suddenly, he awakened a fleeting doubt in my head: And if she is not alone? And if she refuses? Do I need it at all ?! But it evaporated as rapidly as it appeared.
I noticed how she clung to the peephole and, seeing, not immediately recognizing me, asked: Who?
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