innocent girl webcam At one point, I almost ended.
She noticed how a member twitched, and smiled broadly.
This girl seemed to get genuine pleasure, watching the bulges of my guts, listening to sounds coming from the belly, and looking at the protruding member, put on full view.
The release of water was non-stop.

When I returned from the toilet once again, Marina looked approvingly at me.

– Well, what do you think now about the great adventure in the country of the enema? she asked.
I thought for a moment and then said: – Wonderful.
I am pleased and I think that you will enjoy too.
Now it’s your turn.
Are you ready? She looked at me in silence, and I was disappointed to think that she could retreat.
But after a long pause, during which she played with the tip, holding it in her hand, she finally looked at the empty bag at me, and then nodded without a word. sexy bbw cams
Another quiet pause, and then she washed the tip, filled the bag, and slipped out of her panties.
Then she spat out slowly in front of me.
Amazing! I really wanted to see her reaction to the filling.

I spread her “bread”, forcing him to slightly open, enough to provide a starting point for inserting the tip into it.
So he disappeared inside, and Marina reflexively seized the phone, squeezing and relaxing her buttocks several times.
– Feel good? – I asked.
“Mmmmm,” she murmured.
“Everything will go now,” I said, slowly opening the clip.
– Oooh, ohhh! she moaned after a few seconds.
I put my hand on her stomach.
He was tense and tight.
“Relax, relax,” I said encouragingly, “do not resist this, let the water flow into you,” I continued, lightly caressing Marina.
I felt her stomach relax and start filling faster.
Marina again began to compress the buttocks, moaning with each compression.
I watched the bag and decided to stop the flow.
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