maya di webcam girl video Everyone laughed together.
In addition to the diaper, Tommy has a lot of children’s things, – Jenny smiled, – Clothes, furniture, toys.
Want to watch his nursery? Jenny took my hand and led me into the guest bedroom, officially renamed the “nursery.”
Well, how? – My aunt asked the guests, entering the room.

Wow – Becky exclaimed, looking around, – Really the real nursery.
Probably a lot of money spent on this child? – Christine asked, – Everything is there: playpen, mobile over the bed, even a special trashcan for diapers.
And the changing table is solid, – Christine smiled.
Listen, can I have Andy on this table? – Becky suddenly turned to my aunt, – It was already time for him to change a diaper.
“No problem,” Jenny smiled. “By the way, Tommy doesn’t stop him from changing, either.”
And it’s really time, – Christine agreed, looking at my diaper appreciatively, – Look how swollen.
Come first, ”suggested Jenny.
The boys and the two on this table calmly fit, – said Bianca.

It would be interesting to try, – Jenny smiled.
Let’s try, ”Becky smiled.
Go here! – Jenny beckoned me with her finger, – Now I’ll change your diaper.
“Especially waiting for the arrival of guests to do it in front of them” – I guessed with resentment.
Not only did I have to change the diaper in the presence of guests, this time Jenny was going to put me on the changing table next to this toddler, unambiguously hinting that I was not much different from him.
How heavy, ”sighed Jenny, not without difficulty lifting me to the table.
They really fit, – Christine smiled when Jenny laid me on my back next to little Andy. tiatitts dd s bio and free webcam
Laughter, and only, – Bianca giggled.
And do not say, – Melissa grinned, – Eight-year-old boy next to the one-and-a-half-year-old baby.
And both in swollen diapers, ”added Christina.
Now they will be left without them, – Jenny smiled, – Well, undress? Jenny quickly unbuttoned my diaper and lifted my legs high, pulled it out from under my priests.

I turned my head to the left and looked at the half-year-old Andy, who was lying in exactly the same defenseless pose.
What a beauty, – Bianca giggled, – Two pretty naked butts.
Yeah, just an oil painting, ”Melissa laughed.
How do they lie with their legs up? – Christina smiled, – It is really impossible to look without a smile.
Naked babes are so funny, ”Bianca continued to giggle.“ Especially the boys.
Boys naked – just lovely, – Christine agreed with a smile.
Uh-huh, – Melissa nodded, – I adore boys.
Such immediate.
Straightening the previously prepared clean diaper, Becky put it under her baby’s ass.
And we will lay a clean diaper under the ass, ”said Jenny, shoving a diaper under my ass,“ Just in case. ”
Are you afraid that will let a trickle? – Melissa laughed and after her everyone else.
Insure never interferes, – Jenny grinned, having started to wipe my ass with a wet napkin.
I don’t know how to be eight years old, and my Andy also loves to write during children’s procedures, – Becky smiled.

“What is the demand from your year and a half,” Melissa grinned. “But Jennin, an eight-year-old boy, should not deal with such things.
Yes? – Becky laughed, – Have you seen many eight-year-old children in diapers? Is it true that only boys do this? – pioneers Bianca.
Writing during a diaper change? – Christine clarified, – Aha, usually boys up to two years.
I am already accustomed to such fountains in my hospital.
So you work at a children’s hospital? – Melissa perked up.
Yeah, – nodded Christina, – Nurse.
Jenny put my feet down and changing the napkin, she began to tickle my pubis tickle.
The most terrible thing was that her fears really had a foundation, because I had long wanted to write.
But to do it after the arrival of guests did not allow me to shame – even imperceptibly, in the diaper.
“Unnoticed, it wouldn’t work anyway,” I sighed to myself, “It’s impossible to hide anything from experienced moms.”
What are you all for Becky repeat? – with a smile, asked my aunt Christina.

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