nice port webcam The music poured clean and fresh, relaxing the body and elevating the spirit.
I took the wolf’s skin off the wall, donated to our company by Canadians after one successful deal, threw it on the carpet next to the leather armchair, flopped into it and asked for more brandy.
Gulja lay down on the carpet at my feet, and Yana sat on the arm of the chair, leaned her head on the other armrest and thus found herself across me.
I put my palms on her stomach and chest and slowly caressed her body to the sounds of wonderful music.

Yana wrapped her arms around my neck and dug into me with a passionate kiss.
Her tongue fluttered like a butterfly across my lips, touching them lightly, then penetrated deep into my mouth.
I caressing her hands, began to move to the crotch, felt the rare soft, like a child’s hairs, went even lower and felt the soft labia, waiting for my fingers with lust.
Her knees themselves parted, allowing my fingers to penetrate deep into the cave.

I felt a warm and moist bosom, which liberated the juice profusely.
Her body began to pulsate in time with the movement of my fingers, Yana arched up, giving even more freedom to my actions, which obviously led her to ecstasy.
My middle finger entered deep into the vagina as soon as it was possible and began to move quickly.
Yana stumbled in ecstasy and plentifully finished, but I did not stop my caress.
She finished the second time.
Not stopping to caress her vagina, I kissed her lips to the pain and crushed her breasts like dough.
She wriggled, cried and screamed in love ecstasy.
My dick, too, tensed and demanded his share of love.
I picked up Yana in my arms, stood up, put her on the floor next to Gulia, who watched with envy, and lay down on Yana so that my cock was in her mouth, my head was between her legs.
Yana immediately swallowed my cock into her mouth to the very balls and began furiously sucking it, grabbing my ass with her hands with such force that her nails stuck into my body like the claws of a vulture.

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I pressed my lips to the vagina, felt its smell and taste, pulled the clitoris into my mouth, and put my tongue into the vagina to the limit.
She screamed like a pig and began to squirm like a wounded snake.
I could barely hold on to this revolving beast and only snuffled.
Finally, I myself snarled like a wounded beast from her caresses and shot my sperm into her mouth.
Yana finished at the same time with me again and fell silent.
We clung to each other and fell silent.
Gulia stood up, walked over to the table, filled three piles of brandy, grabbed a bag of juice from the bar and brought it all to the carpet.
Somehow it happened that Gul began to act as a servant, and Yana became the lady.
It turned out by itself or was “homemade” – I do not know.
Most likely this happened involuntarily due to the prevailing circumstances and my obviously greater sympathy for Yana.
In this vein, and began to further move our relationship.
I took cognac, suggested to Yana and Gule.

We drank with orange juice and fell apart on the wolf’s skin.
Wool tickled excited body, caressed and tormented.
Gulia fidgeted with an excess of unremitting desire, but I was already tired and had no desire to move with any organ of my own, much less sexual.
Gul understood this very quickly and began to caress Yana.
From the beginning, lazily, reluctantly, then, more vigorously and more eroticly, Yana responded to the caress of her friend.
I began to watch them, and, in order not to interfere, I again moved into an easy-going deep armchair.
My girls fumbled under me, laughing and squeaking.
One or the other was at the top and their arms and legs intertwined in bizarre forms, and their lips and hands were in various places and unexpected postures.
In front of my face there was either a white, or a tanned ass, or a vagina with the lips of the pudendum, or breasts that met together, or legs on the neck of a friend.
In general, it was a living ball of two beautiful cats, frolicking without embarrassment, screaming and mewing, puffing and screaming, now calming down, then gently swaying in the rhythm of music.

I could not resist and began to caress my penis hands.
The girls noticed it and immediately attacked me, trying to get hold of my cucumber and shove it first in my mouth.
This time Gul was faster and the first reached for the coveted column.
She swallowed him whole and began to crawl up and down the dick, she licked it like an eskimo, sucked like spaghetti and again released and sucked greedily, as if it were the tastiest of things on earth.
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