rt bongacams com She only shakes her head in response.
No, it does not hurt.
Unusually, but definitely not painful.
Everything that is happening is new and not clear and at the same time unexpectedly pleasant.

He hears her breath, it was full, apparently from excitement.
Dmitry does not stop.
His finger keeps moving inside her.
And only occasionally he comes out of it and, penetrating again, each time, slides already freer and freer.
After not a long time, he again wondered: Does it not hurt? No, she whispers.
It’s just that you already have two fingers, ”he explains.
She, of course, is somewhat surprised, because the increased notes of pleasure just became accessible to her. best chaturbate cam girls
Are you sure you want to continue? – Dima asks, leaning to her ear.
Weird question! Then why all this? Why these caresses? Why these gentle penetrations of fingers? And why, in general, does she lie here then? It will hurt you a little, – she hears, – After all, I have a big one.
I saw how he is with you, she thinks.
Yes, she saw him! She kissed him! She felt his taste! She knows what he is! Words about his big size don’t say anything to her.
This is the only member that she held in her mouth.
No, it does not detract from its size.
Later she became convinced that he really was not small.
Not to say that it was huge: it did not exceed 15 cm in length, but its thickness! Yes, it was more than 4 cm in diameter and, on the whole, it was proportionately rather complex.
I can even say harmoniously.
But at that moment she simply had nothing to compare him with. rt bongacams com