webcam 15 You see, the thing is, in these few weeks you have to endure a lot.
Therefore, I give advice – learn faster in order to avoid unnecessary pain.
And generally, I will describe to you a little your position.
I know almost everything about you.

I know that within two weeks no one will wait for you either at school or at work.
I know that no one knows that you were going to visit family and friends – you were preparing a surprise for them. hidden camera catches girl masturbating
You are in my power, and you are now in my prison.
The walls are soundproofed, and the nearest living soul is from here a few miles away.
We are far away from both your work and the hostel, so no one here will find you.
Even if by some miracle you manage to free yourself, a very solid door locked with a combination lock leads to your freedom.
You do not know the code, so stay here anyway.
And after that I will give you a sleeping pill, sit in the car and push it off a cliff.
Any autopsies will show that you are broken drunk by itself.
But there is one “but.”
You can submit to my will, and remain a slave until the end of your days. webcam 15