webcam anal masturbation With his third jerk, he entered me completely.
My eyes almost got out of orbit, it seemed as if the head of his penis reached the throat.
I howled in pain.
Surprisingly, my ass hurt as well as the pussy, as if it was stretched more than limits.

God help me, why is this happening to me? Why me, oh god? Why me? His cock plunged into me completely to the ground, and it seemed to me that a log was wielding in me.
With his every move, I instinctively tried to press my knees to my chest to protect myself, but I could only flounder helplessly in my own bondage.
He began to make long, slow deep thrusts into her body.
With each push, his balls spanked about her ass.
But the warmth of her vagina agitated him more.
It tightly wrapped his cock around, and he knew that with every thrust he filled her completely.
She moaned dully.
It was always the best part – to be able to control a beautiful, wild woman, and know that you can do anything and anything with her.

She was his, and he was going to tame her in the way he knew best.
My whole world focused on the sensations that flooded me.
I shuddered at every attempt to sigh, and lost my breath again when he crashed into me.
Screaming was not possible, but I tried with every push into my gut.
Feelings were different from everything I experienced before.
His penis completely filled me, and the vagina expanded to incredible dimensions.
He, like a car of flesh, pumped and did not stop.
Drops of sweat from it fell on me.
I was covered with his musky and thick sweat, especially the belly and chest.
He now and then stopped without removing his penis from my vagina.
He was breathing heavily, but that was his only movement.
And one of his torture.
His giant organ was in me.
And although he was motionless, he pulsed, and the heat came in waves from him.
He was like a wild animal lying in wait, ready to leap upon me with force, and this consumed me again and again. sex hidden cam bus
During these moments when none of us moved, I was physically connected to him only through the hard rod of his full flesh, but that was enough to still control my body and mind.

Then he began his tremors again, changing the angles of entry, and his budra clapped on my body.
With each such push, he seemed to push me towards the head of the bed, and only the ankle strings did not allow me to change the position of my body for his next powerful attack.
When he slid over my stomach at a more obtuse angle, his rod rubbed my clit.
The pressure and frictions like hammer blows on my clit were unbearable.
After he entered me, even if my legs were free, I knew for sure that I couldn’t stop him from doing everything he wanted with me.
It was not sex.
It was like a natural disaster.
How can you deal with a hurricane or a tornado? The only goal is to survive.
I was destroyed, raped by animals, and all I could do was pray and endure.
It soon became easier when my juices smeared his trunk a little, but he continued to drill for more than ten minutes.
Finally, he moaned softly.
I felt that he would soon finish.
This thought filled me with horror.

I felt sick, I had to either close my eyes, or stare at one point of the ceiling.
My vagina was burning from powerful blows.
I felt my body betray me, stretching and letting it completely enter me.
Victoria’s physical abilities impressed him, having fully accepted his penis almost from the first shocks.
Few white women were capable of such a thing without prior warm-up, and even then only five centimeters.
When he took them in the same way, he broke their vagina.
Her vagina after such an invasion was left without injury, which told him that it would easily accept anything.
He knew that by placing her in a different position, he would immediately force her to ask for mercy, but he left this as a punishment for later.
To prolong his pleasure, he stopped when he felt an approaching orgasm.
He always tried to keep control when he was at work, and he always knew when he went far.
He felt a boil in his loins now, and knew that he was about to finish, and he could not control him anymore.

He wanted her to feel his property.
He had to go into her so deeply that she could never feel it with another.
If he had her in other positions, he would have to be more careful.
But in such a position on her back, he could allow himself to unleash his all-consuming animal lust and penetrate her as deeply as his heart desired, without hurting her too much.
Without thinking about anything but the will to domination, submission and the need to prove the eternal right to it, he kicked off the end of the bed and tried to get it all the last centimeter deep into her hot, dense and wet hole, and finally lost control.
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