webcam audio recorder I didn’t shout anymore, it couldn’t be called a shout – it was a heart-rending squeal, I squealed and squealed, my mind was clouded by this terrible, burning, intolerable pain.
It seemed that they were tearing my skin off alive.
That I can not stand it anymore and now I will die !! But I did not die.
The whipping was over, and I was crying, with my pants down, holding my ass with both hands, led to the bathroom.

The nurse told me to lie on my stomach on the couch, I lay down, thought that she would make me a cold compress, thought that she would regret me, but it was not there. webcam audio recorder
She pulled off my dangling jeans and shorts and made me stand on all fours, I prayed and howled at the same time! I thought that I would be flogged again.
But, as it turned out, I decided to “brainwash”! I became even worse! I cannot express in words my horror from uncertainty and fear of pain! At the same time, a short, thick wand slipped smoothly into the hole between the halves of my tortured priests, I screamed, more from fear than from pain, and my mother with the nurse laughed. webcam audio recorder