webcam capture image That is why the insides of police officers flew so fast.
Caliber pistol almost like a howitzer.
A small face carefully popped out of the window of the police station.
I did not even understand this man or woman.

A frail pen squeezed a white handkerchief.
Do not shoot I’m a cleaning lady.
– Take her hostage !!!, you screamed at all not erotic.
But it was too late.
Only an unknown force at the last moment already during a shot at this little attractive face turned the barrel one centimeter.
She had enough of this centimeter to stay alive, and you and I continue the dialogue about her future fate.
– I give up and the staff went out so as not to disturb me from cleaning the station, and you are cute and naked, and I will help you.
This monologue was supposed to be endless.
Hey, it seemed that if she stopped talking, I would shoot her.
I wonder how far the police leave from their offices at the time of cleaning.

There was no one around.
– Give me a machine gun ?, I interrupted the attractive face.
– No, guys, I will not give you a machine gun, without interrupting the reciter, the cleaning lady said.
– We do not have it.
Keys from ruzhpark at the duty.
He is at the post at the door.
– Everything, shut up.
Here are freaks, I thought.
He hears shots and is at the door at his post.
– Call here, I said.
Without the order of the senior distributor will not work – squeezed muzzle.
I entered the first floor.
The idol stood half a turn from the front door at attention. webcam capture image
Even to kill such a nasty, and there is nothing.
I went to the door and just in case looked at his face.
Eyes bulged and often blinked.
Not a mannequin.
Downstairs, a quiet gurgle and a thin stream of liquid zigzagged through the freshly washed floor and hid in the gap at the very door of the ruzhpark.
Not exactly a mannequin.
He smelled like beer brewer’s yeast, and his urination was clearly too tight.

The Warhorse continued to urinate even after we donned a new police uniform.
Women’s dress was not found and muzzle helped to choose the size.
The form you went.
She was very similar to the customs form of the Republic of Riomuni, where I often hunted wild bison from a helicopter.
I even suggested that you settle for returning to customs, where my big boss had a best friend, but you refused to change your favorite job for the sake of form, especially since the big boss and there I had the same best friend.
Magnetism Timonovo turned everything upside down and paradoxes became realities and we did not wait, armed with machine guns to return the police to the station, and did not understand what gender the cleaning lady returned to the pier where the sailor who later died was inevitably met us.
Enough blood, you said.
I want sex.
Only sex.
Nothing but sex.
I want to forget everything.
I want to forget everything, forgetting about sex.
– Huddled in sex, I added.

Fantasy seems to end, the irony goes, we return.
We return to finally break up.
Forever and ever.
The time of straight spirals cannot last forever.
Only in sex have we found with you that which is timeless, which makes you forget everything that you cannot forget about without it.
Orgasm is the highest manifestation of both flight and fall, the difference between which is only in the landing itself.
We still fly.
What landing will be, none of us yet know.
Early in the morning I drive out on my old Mercedes.
You’re on your Audi.
Not at all from there, but there too.
We should meet in an hour.
And only there.
Heart pounding.
I fly like a bullet into the wide glass doors of the hotel for an hour, the Duvet Cover.
webcam capture image