webcam led light He tried to dodge, but even with his agility it was impossible to deceive five at once.
The blows fell one after another, Kevin felt the taste of blood in his mouth.
At some point, he realized that he was simply beaten – without rules, in the meanest way.
He fell to his knees from another blow to the stomach.

But it seems no one was going to stop.
He tolerated, gritting his teeth.
Someday they will get tired.
He had almost fainted when he was abruptly lifted and placed on his knees, holding his elbows.
Kevin frowned at Goran and spat blood.
– Do you have time to fight here? – Did I amuse you, teacher? – mockingly asked Kevin.
– Yeah, there is such a thing.
It was a warm-up.
Let’s go to training.
Free his hands.
With an effort, Kevin got up and wiped the blood on his broken lips.
– Fell, wrung out! Kevin obeyed.
He wrung out until his hands began to tremble.
But the stop is not sounded.
He gathered all his strength and forced himself to bend and unbend his unruly hands.
– So, stop.
Minute rest and the second approach! – Third! – Fourth! – Tenth !.
– Work, work!

Kevin was choking with fatigue. webcam live chaturbate
He walked on loose legs behind Goran and thought that he had yet to fulfill.
They went outside and Kevin closed his eyes in the bright sunlight.
Looks like it was noon.
He was led to a pole standing alone in the center of an empty sandy platform.
Hands chained over his head.
“You were not sufficiently diligent in the morning.”
For this you will be punished.
Kevin stiffened.
He was beginning to be disturbed by such a bad start.
Goran nodded to a man standing nearby, and, saying something to him, withdrew.
In the hands of someone who came up, Kevin noticed a long black whip and went cold.
hour by hour no easier.
The whip cut the air and stuck between the shoulder blades of the bound prisoner.
Kevin twitched in unexpected, sharp pain — the second blow was not long in coming.
It seemed to him that he was touched with a red-hot iron, so pain was unbearable and hot.
And the whip was whistling and whistling, keeping up the pace in capable hands.
Soon there was not a single living place on the back of the unfortunate – blood oozed from wounds and drained from the thighs, dripping on the sand.

Kevin closed his eyes and waited for the end of this torture.
He was not diligent enough.
He will be diligent.
He will carry out all orders, and then Goran will have nothing to punish him for.
Kevin sensed that the execution had stopped.
He, with bliss, relaxed his tense muscles and regained his breath.
For ten minutes he enjoyed the long-awaited peace.
But soon I realized that I was happy early.
The midday sun struck him like an experienced inexorable executioner.
Wounded hands and back, already burning, were getting hotter.
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