webcam playa del carmen mexico Lena long splashed in the shower, washing off the road dust.
When she came out of the shower, Igor was in the kitchen with all his might.
She asked if help was needed.
Igor replied: “Take these plates and carry them to the room.”

Having finished setting the table, they went into the room and sat opposite each other.
Igor poured wine in glasses.
They drank for the arrival, for the meeting and a real acquaintance.
Talked about this and that.
Who else from their group in Odnoklassniki they would like to meet.
Then, referring to the fact that Lena was tired from the road and she needed to rest, Igor left.
Lena undressed, lay down on the bed and fell asleep.
The next day, Lena woke up around lunchtime, local time.
Given the time difference between Lugansk and Yekaterinburg, she had another morning at her house.
Opening her eyes, Lena felt the smell of freshly brewed coffee.
She got up, threw a robe and went into the kitchen.
There, Igor was preparing breakfast.
Lena entered, Igor turned around and saw her exclaimed: “Countess! Wash, dress and have breakfast! Great things are waiting for us! ”Lena smiled and went to the bathroom.
When Lena, dressed, entered the kitchen, Igor turned and froze in amazement.

Lena had a light, short, slightly transparent summer dress that only emphasized her gorgeous figure and chiseled legs, the dress barely reached her knee. webcam public tube
Her hair flowed over her shoulders in golden streams.
“Well, and where is breakfast, Earl?” She asked, and flashed barefoot at the table.
They had breakfast and went for a walk around the city.
They walked slowly through the city, the men passing by turned around looking at Lena.
Twenty minutes later, they reached the historic square.
Choosing a place in the shade, they sat down on the bench.
The whole walk, Igor told the story of the city.
Lena really liked how Igor talks about her hometown, and from this she liked Ekaterinburg more and more.
Then they went to the zoo.
After seeing the animals and not sitting in a cafe much, they went to the apartment to Lena.
On the way home, they visited a supermarket and came home with full packages.
After going to the kitchen, Igor and Lena began to cook dinner.
Igor began cooking fish and meat, and lena salads.
And so, the dinner was ready, the table was set.
It remains only to pour the wine and brandy by the glass.
It was getting dark outside.
They spoke freely on any topic.
It seemed to them that they had known each other for ages.

Igor began to dress.
Lena got up and went out to accompany him.
Igor has already opened the door to go out, turned to say goodbye.
Lena looked at him with a look that said: “Do not go! Stay! I feel so good with you! ”Igor understood everything, approached her and looked into his eyes.
Lena with her lips dug into his lips.
They merged in a passionate kiss.
Their tongues intertwined like two snakes during a mating dance.
The door slammed from the draft on the staircase, as if she understood that they were not up to it now, but she was obliged to keep everything secret, from prying eyes.
Backing away, Igor and Lena approached a very large bed, which was the size of an airfield, from which the people got a consonant name.
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