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After drinking a glass of vodka, they forced her to insert a huge vibrator in her asshole, lie down on the carpet with cancer and masturbate herself, while they themselves stood in a circle and masturbated their members over it.
Then, pulling the vibrator from the ass one of them lay under her on the floor and squeezed into his pussy.
Another hardly put in the ass and they began to fuck her.

She almost screamed from overstrain and with mad eyes breathed often and deeply like a dog.
Then the third one inserted into her mouth.
It seemed to him that was not enough and he took her head with his palms and began to fuck her in the mouth like the last damn thing, not hesitating anything.
And she only squirmed between them and tearing her chest with her left hand, her right gently stroking the thigh of the one who had so mercilessly fucked her head.
When they left, she refused to give me t.
already outdated.
Instead, she put my finger in my anus.

I really liked it.
Then she fucked me with a candle.
She resented her, she generally liked the idea of ​​fucking someone and having a dick instead of pussy.
This was repeated several times, and when she suggested inserting a vibrator to me, I agreed.
He was much more than a candle which she fucked me.
She put me on my back and smeared the cream member entered me.
Then she turned me over with cancer and fucked up, forcing me to take my hands off my dick and forcing me to cum as if I were being fucked by a real dick, and I fucking like her.
I was especially excited when I looked that she had started jerking herself off with her second hand. webcam sexe black
She said that she would not let me jerk off to myself while the fuck was going on, and that the men fucking her did it the same way, only forcing her to suck, and that she, with a member in her ass and pussy, could only moan and squirm and could not use her hands .
I finished off the vibrator.
It was the most violent orgasm in my life.

This was repeated several times.
Then she suggested that I bring a boy with a real big dick who will fuck us both.
This promise to her was difficult to fulfill, t.
according to her, even though she was fucked up to three different men a day, but they liked to fuck her and wouldn’t stand up for her husband.
Once I felt that I was no longer interested in her as a man and in order to preserve at least some of her interest in me in bed I began to ask her more and more to fuck me.
That’s how she fucked me almost every day, and then I licked her vagina, cracked for a day and smelled like sperm of other men.
Then she began to tell me about her infidelities right when I was fucking.
And one day, when she saw that I was excited by her underwear, Chulks and short skirts, she said that she was tired of all this and that since she was in charge, then I had to do everything that she would order.
She took me to the bath and shaved off all the hair on my body.

Then she smeared my ass with oil, put on stockings, a T-shirt and a short leather skirt.
Buttoning my hands behind my back with handcuffs, she said that from that day on, I would no longer fuck anyone, I couldn’t jerk off and even panting.
Putting me on her knees near the bidet, she fucked me and in the process said that if I was excited by her past life, she would arrange for me to try it on myself.
She found her first client when we went to a nightclub that evening.
It was a gay and lesbian club.
There was a completely dark room where couples could have fun as they wanted.
She led me there and, putting her face to the wall, ordered me to take off my jeans and women’s panties — thongs that I wore at home myself, and turn off my ass.
He entered me almost immediately.
It was the first real dick inside me.
That evening I was fucked three times.
My wife told me not to change my posture after the client had finished and continued to stand with cancer.

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