webcam sexlive org) Lena fell on the bed and breathed heavily.
Her eyes gleamed with satisfaction.
They breathed a little.
Take turns going to the shower.

And went to bed, after going to bed having drunk some wine.
Lena put her head on Igor’s chest, clasping his hand, Igor hugged her shoulders.
And after a few minutes they fell asleep.
So the first day of their non-virtual dating passed.
I was woken by a phone call.
Victor called.
“Listen old man! You turned up luck and grandmother good.
My uncle left a young guy.
Siganul to Australia in the service of maids.
Yes, so unexpected.
Behind the employer negotiations led.
Uncle evil! I asked to recommend someone.
Well, I immediately remembered about you.
Yes, in that guy’s place, I would have broken too.
30 thousand American rubles a year, not sickly? Says if everything is good then 40 will pay! But 30 is exactly under contract.
So get ready! The hotel is not close.
20 km all the same from the city! I recently retired from the fitness club.
I wanted to go on vacation in the south.
And then a fairy tale.
Luxury motel.
Without hesitation, I immediately fell through.
I do not think when a long time.
My motto is “Better to do than to regret!” And then I arrive.
The pine forest hospitably opens, showing all the beauty and splendor of the hotel.

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Rather, probably someone whose former noble nest.
Meters in 100 small lake.
Beauty is indescribable! There are flowerbeds with beautiful flowers around the majestic castle.
The interior decoration is also impressive.
Warm colors.
Everything is rich and majestic! (bankers know how to live) Met at the entrance.
Conducted to the “Pope” For the eyes so called the authorities.
Passed the briefing.
From personal things nothing.
Mobile tel.
to pass.
Customer information is not shared with anyone.
It’s all serious.
Customers do not deny anything.
In sexual relations do not enter.
But you can not refuse.
In general, the guy you are beaten, I painted you nephew, quickly figure out what’s what.
How is it not to join and refuse? – I asked.
Do not be afraid! We have gay servants.
In general, be careful, and then aging jealous husbands can bury! Fine, fine! I see caught horror stories! And then without letting me ask questions, I pressed the call button under the table.
A man grew up in the doorway.
Change clothes! Feed! Introduce into the course of official duties! From the abstruse instructions of this dude, I realized that I was assigned the role of a massage therapist’s security guard and executor of one-time assignments.

The fit of the form took about half an hour.
Going to the mirror, I saw a handsome young man of 25 years.
Form adorned.
As the saying goes, “Our scoundrel is all-to-face!” A snow-white shirt with short sleeves.
Black pants.
The same color butterfly and shoes.
White gloves.
The maid lived in a separate outhouse.
This is a wooden blockhouse.
Everything is also eco-friendly.
A room for two.
As it turned out, we are sharing it with Victor.
Evening on ryumashke – no more.
He told more about life.
And it already seemed to me that I was accustomed to a new role.
It is in the role.
I love to reincarnate.
Wear the mask of another person and play.
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