webcams bg I did not notice how I finished the bottle when I woke up and looked at the clock and realized that more than two hours had passed.
It was about twelve o’clock at night when the doorbell rang.
I went to open, on the threshold stood my wife! Oh god What a sight she had! Cosmetics are smeared across the face, the blouse is fastened to half of the chest, so that the chest just arrogantly falls out, the stockings are all in arrows, the zipper on the skirt is not fastened and the skirt keeps on one button.
In addition, Natasha was decently drunk.

– Hi dear! – she said in a drunken voice, and literally fell into my arms.
– Meet your whore with blues.
Are you happy? – Of course, dear.
– With these words, I sat Natasha on the sofa, and he knelt before her.
-What, you want to admire the broken-down holes of his wife? With these words, she spread her legs.
Pants there naturally nebylo, or rather was a thin strip of gum in her waist.
Her shaved pussy seemed doubled!

Sexual lips were swollen and just fell out.
-Like? I have it all just burning.
Want to kiss? only gently, gently.
I could not hold back and very carefully, trying not to hurt my wife, began to tongue caress her swollen pussy.
She was all wet, it was the juice of my wife, mixed with male sperm.
It smelled like my bitch and men.
Again, I was very excited and began to penetrate deeper language into her pussy (otherwise you will not call it.
Suddenly, my tongue stumbled upon some foreign object.
-What is it? – I asked.
“And this is a surprise for you from the boys,” the wife said with a fucking smile. webcams bg
-Remove and see.
I gently ran my fingers into her hole and pulled out a condom! He was tied in a knot, and inside was a quarter filled with sperm.
– these are guys, finally they made me jerk off to them, and then they in turn finished there.
They told me to report it safe and sound.
So, get a gift.
I really want to see what you will do with it.
Come on, don’t be shy, show me.

I untied the knot and poured all the contents of prezik Natasha onto the pubis.
There was a lot of sperm.
She flowed down, on my wife’s pussy, and on, down her thighs.
I began to lick it all.
Natasha started up.
-Yes, yes, come on, lick your bitch, lick everything up to the last drop.
With these words, she began to press my head to herself between her legs.
-I like it, delicious? Come on, don’t stop.
Here it is today pumped me in all holes.
Lord, what a thrill.
Now do you understand how tasty it is? What sweet members they had! And how cool they fucked me.
-Natashenka, love, tell me everything.
What did they do to you? Did you lick their assholes? Yes, everything.
-They liked it? – Yes, they said that I am a cool asshole.
Yes, come on, mother, do not stop, lick me, lick.
I’ll finish now.
AAAAAH! With these words, my beloved ended violently.
I also could not stand it and shot myself between my legs.
Then we went to the shower, I laundered my wife, put her to bed.

I smoked and lay down nearby.
Good night, darling!
Natasha and I had long been going to the sea to rest and hang out to the fullest, but my work didn’t allow it, and at the end it happened.
We have been together for 8 years, and madly in love with each other.
During this time in the sexual life, we have achieved complete harmony, everyone knows what is needed differently, and we are constantly looking for something to surprise ourselves.
Even after 8 years, the appetizing forms of my beautiful woman not only did not bother me, but more and more excited me.
What we just did not invent to diversify our sexual games, but they were always only between us, without the involvement of third parties.
Although we have already matured to attract someone from the outside.
Natalie excited lesbian love scenes, and in principle she was not averse to doing this either.
And I wanted another man to try my hair before my eyes, and of course I would just be happy to be with two girls at once.

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