young cam squirt Arsen and Rustam sat next to me.
The first is on the right and the other on the left.
Hello, my name is Artem.
I am 18 years old.

Recently I became a writer.
I write porn stories in my free time.
Recently there was such an interesting case.
I was going for a walk and went out into the yard.
I would like to indent and explain that we have a pub near the house.
And beside her constantly spinning alcoholics.
There and drunk in the region, and quite still beginning you can meet.
Passing next to this place, I noticed how a couple of such drunks are sticking with alms to one peasant.
A man could not get rid of them.
They have already started tears.
Crawled on his knees, asked for kopecks.
If you look closely, you can see that it was a married couple.
They were once very respected and obeyed in the city.
But then they went down anyway.
Now they were humiliated and were ready for anything just to get the coveted vodka.
The guy apparently went for a beer.
In his hands was a string bag, not a stretched vest.

At first, he simply swore at the drunks, and then began to whip them on the back.
They began to beg him: – Man, mercy! Give trivia to bread! Christ’s sake! – Roll off from me, whores sub-fence! I do not want to deal with you! Alkashka clutched at his pants and pulled over.
– Otvyan from me, do not get it! Pants slept to the knees bare hairy pussy.
– But what are you doing, creatures! Bomzhiha attracted to his groin hone and began to chyakat member.
Very cleverly caught her mouth and smacked her with pleasure.
I understand that they decided to cheat so that the man gave them money.
Only nothing came of it, the peasant shied away from them and fell to the ground.
The drunk hit the bow and was baptized, and the bomzhiha slandered the poor fallen man.
He was already covered in sweat from stress.
He began to crawl away from them. xhamster bbw webcam
Only the bomzhiha seized him with a death grip and did not want to let him go free.
The man still smashed and kicked the alcoholic on the nose.

Blood clogged and she fell behind.
Then drunk connected.
He sat on the peasant from above and did not intend to get off.
The man shouted: – Good! I agree! You will have money! At bomzhevikov eyes sparkled.
They could see that they were satisfied.
– I will give you money on one condition.
Homeless people looked at each other in an interested way.
And I at this time was buried in the bushes.
For good luck I had a protective-color cap, so seeing me was not easy enough and even problematic.
– I will give you pyatikhat, if you masturbate one of your friends.
Said the peasant.
Homeless people removed their sheepskin coats and began to do the man’s order for money.
They tried as best they could.
Wanking pussy to each other.
– Masturbate stronger and more passionate! – added a man.
I wanted to say that the drunk had a pussy with a size like her husband, with only one exception.
No eggs.
So it went on min 5-10.
And suddenly the bum began to cum.
I was very unhappy about it.

As it is too quickly let down.
There is a definition for such: rapid shooting.
I personally have no problems with this.
I can make love for a very long time and only descend on command.
By the way, my dick is not small and more than that of a peasant and those homeless people.
So it calmed me down.
The man saw that the homeless man had finished off and ordered me to clean everything up with a cry.
Bomzhara was frightened and crawled with his hands, but he stopped him.
– Clean you up! – He said and pointed to the drunk.
She began to do the command.
– You did not understand.
Clean your mouth! She knelt down and began to lick the homeless from the pants.
– Sex! – in an orderly tone the man barked.
I had everything in shorts for a long time.
I looked around so that no one would knead his friend.
In the meantime, the drunks had already finished what they had begun and the peasant thrust the twenty to them.
Alcoholics were indignant: – And the five? – Do not deserve it.

I neighing with this.
All the same man naybal drunks.
And now he has put forward a sanction that until there is anal sex, then no five! Alkash do nothing.
– I want that with the language.
You are with him.
I burst out laughing.
And it seems that he did not calculate the strength that they turned in my direction.
My point began to frighten from fear and it hit my head.
I waited a minute but when I saw that the peasant went in my direction, he no longer began to conspire and immediately pulled away.
They ran after me and tried to grab me by the collar.
Even a little collar tore, but I still faster.
Specially made a hook to fool them.
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