adult video cam chat I settled down and got a taste.
Dima was moaning, I was sobering.
We had a great duet.
Every blissed out in its own way.

This went on for several minutes.
So Dima grabbed my head and screamed loudly and began to stop with a shout of “Ebaaat”.
The first two shots were right in the throat, I immediately swallowed them.
Even without having tasted.
Then the sperm began to fill my mouth.
And at this very time on the street began to roar.
Salute began.
I witnessed two salutes at once.
One shot in my mouth, and the other on the street as if in my honor fired shots commemorating my progress in the female field.
Dimkina sperm was very much.
I struggled, but managed.
All swallowed.
So we lay for some time in silence and not moving, Dima on his back with his legs apart and stroking my head, which was in his groin with a dick in his mouth, and I waited for his instrument to calm down.
Finally, realizing that his orgasm was over, I freed my mouth and rose.

Dima was lying with a satisfied expression on his face and seemed completely satisfied.
“You’re just a clever girl,” he said softly, smiling.
– Let me have a drink, I want everything in my mouth, – I said, as if nothing had happened, wiping my lips with my hand.
Automatically I sniffed my palm and, smiling at Dima, got up from the bed and headed for the table.
– What smells? He asked with a smile.
– How what? Your pussy.
KSAT, Dima, you need to warn – changing the tone to a more serious one, I said. molly p webcam porn
– About what? He asked in surprise.
“At the expense of sperm,” I replied.
– What are you, baby, do not know that men end up with sperm.
– I know of course.
But not in such a huge amount! – I exclaimed sincerely.
– Well, I’m sorry, I did not want to offend you.
Pour me wine too.
I, too, in the mouth was dry, – he said apologetically.
– You have something to.
– Since overexcitement.
We both laughed softly.
I was most surprised by the situation.

We behaved as if nothing had happened.
But five minutes ago I sucked a member, this male member, with swallowing.
And I really liked it.
We drank half-lying wine on the bed with a view that seemed to enjoy every second of our lives.
The first silence was interrupted by Dima: – What do you mean, didn’t like it? – as if he asked with annoyance.
– Why did not you like it !? It’s just that you have done so much that I almost choked or choked.
I do not know how to properly say.
In short, you scared me a little, but something like that, just dumb and unusually somehow.
Do you even like it or not.
– Highly! You’re just clever! Honestly.
I really did not expect this.
And at the expense of the amount of my protein product, forgive me, it just so happened.
Costs are not regular sex life.
Podnakopilas little.
– Fig guys a little bit! Just a little bit, ”I noted sarcastically,“ by the way, your sperm are completely different than mine.

And the taste, and in general your sperm is somehow different.
– Like this? Tell me, he genuinely interested.
– Well, my kind of liquid, the taste is salty-bitter.
And your very thick, very warm and kind of sugary-specific, and it smells much stronger, and a lot of it.
In short, I am impressed.
Well, in short, to be honest, I liked it.
So, do not worry, although it is dumb, I don’t regret that you and I did it.
Honestly! – quoting my favorite phrase to Dima, I finished my explanation.
At that time, we heard that the washing machine had stopped working and we went to the bathroom to pick up our laundry and hang it to dry on the loggia.
All this time I went and sniffed my right hand, which smelled of Dimin member.
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